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A Happy List: 106

Monday, February 22, 2016

Finally getting a digital camera so I can vlog/take more pictures. 
When people are nice and excited for us to move to New York.
Going to "all songs" in Spotify and just hitting shuffle. 
New sheets. Cross your fingers they don't pill.
Finding 400 vintage magazines for $20
The Mermaid smoothie bowl at Ivie.
Going on a triple date with friends.
Trying 3 new food places.
Finally shooting at Ivie.
Lykke Li (always).


My mom was trying to convince me Trixie needs to wear diapers.
Me: "How would you feel if I put a diaper on you when you are old?!?!"
My mom: "Totally fine!! Call it a "brief" and put it on me!!!"

Jake comes running up the stairs so dramatically: "I got toothpaste in my eye!!!!"

Jake's nick names for Trixie this week: Trixanthemum. Riggletony (my favorite haha). Traxus.

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P.S. What should I vlog about?


  1. YOOOOO you did it! You got a little cam to vlog? I'm jelly.
    This whole happy list makes me kinda jealous TBH
    Oh I wanna see a video about all the funny things ppl tell you about NY


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