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Monday, February 29, 2016

A Happy List: 107

This was me trying to record a vlog but taking a picture instead haha.
Finally watching It Follows. (Btw, Vidangel is a life saver if you want to watch movies edited!)
Ordering a print of my collage art to see if it's a good idea to do an Etsy shop.
Finally getting my photography featured on Ivie's Instagram.
Shooting at the Utah Lake dock in American Fork.
The cheese fondue at The Ridge!!
Having the house to ourselves.
Rib night with Katherine.
Oliva Benson.
Clean floors.

- - - - -

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Orange Peel

I feel like I keep hearing about The Orange Peel! On Saturday we went to Best Buy in American Fork to buy my camera and they were out (which reminded me why I only use Amazon), so we headed to Sandy. The Orange Peel was like, right there and I was getting hungry (can that mean hot and angry too) so I was like. Drinks. Now. Haha.

Anyway, the recommendation I had was from Utah Grubs: thai coconut, almond, avocado, no pearls, no sweeter. But then I got there and saw they had a lavendar flavor and was sold. ONLY I MADE A MISTAKE. The girl asked me what kind of sweetner I wanted so I said agave. :( It just like, way overpowered the lavendar and wasn't very good. Next time I would definitely go the route of no sweetner. Jake got the orange blast (or something like that) and it was so good. I kept stealing sips lol. 

Anyway, I'm going to go back here and get the lavendar without sweetner, so hopefully that will satisfy my craving for lavendar boba.

- - - - -

P.S. If you have been here plz tell me what combos are good. I'm not good when there are like, thousands of decisions to be made. 

Friday, February 26, 2016


Guys. I have friends. I went on a triple date with them and it was real life. #goals right. YAY I LOVE MY FRIENDS.

Ok so I have to lol about this. We ate at Good Thyme and got ice cream at Roll Up Creamery. It wasn't everyone's favorite experience. It just took them really long to make the food and the menu was really confusing and some of our food was cold. BUT. I still liked it hahahahahhaah.

It was just like, fresh food? Idk. Like I just felt like it was pretty unique. Picture above is the red pepper pasta (delicious), citrus salad (delicious), paramesan pasta salad (delicious) and apple pear salad (too spicy for me). But like, all of that was good. Oh, also we got a green drink that was super good and fresh tasting too. The ice cream place is super cool (pun intended). They pour it from a liquid onto that plate thing and then freeze it in front of you. They roll it up at the end too so it's like little curlys. ALSO THEY HAD A LAVENDAR FLAVOR. I love lavendar flavored things. 

So yeah, all in all, this is my opinion: The food was really good. Good Thymes menu and pricing was confusing. Roll Up Creamery's line was really slow moving and long and they ran out of supplies. That being said, I'm going to go back before deciding I don't like them. It seems like they're kinda new and still figuring stuff out, so I want to go back and see it the lines/menu get better. :)

- - - - -

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Photo: Ashdon

GUYS I FINALLY SHOT AT IVIE JUICE BAR. I know I usually don't share my photography here, but what the heck. I think I'm going to start sharing a few snaps here and there. To see the whole shoots go here. Also to book me email info@emmy.photography

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bae Being Cute


- - - - -

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Valentine's Weekend

These are the only two photos I took Valentine's weekend, so am I fired from blogging or what?!

We went up to Salt Lake and stayed in an Airbnb. It was so weird at first. I kept saying things like, "This is someone's house! This is his toothbrush! He sleeps in this bed!" He didn't put away any of his stuff to make it feel like a "hotel" lol. So, it was a little strange, but ultimately I really liked the experience. If anything, it was nice to get away for a night and have some space again. 

(Side note: Whenever people make comments about how small our apartment in New York is I just laugh. Like we're living in a palace right now?! Haha. We don't even have an apartment, so anything (even if it's 500 square feet) is going to be a step up. Actually, I have a lot to say about "things people say to us about New York" haha. They're not bad, just funny. Maybe I should make a video about that.)

Ok! Anyway! Places we ate:

Italian Village: We both got pizza benders (basically calzones) because that's what we had heard was good. Jake liked it, but I wasn't the biggest fan. I think it was the marinara? I'm so picky with marinara. I thought I hate spaghetti until I was 20 and realized I just don't like Ragu sauces lol. Anyway, we decided we probably wouldn't recommend it. We would rather make calzones at home. (We make killer calzones btw.)

The Original Pancake House: Jake goes here all the time with his work and is obsessed. I have only heard good things so I was excited to try it. I had the hardest time deciding between the cheese omelet, banana chocolate chip pancakes, and apple pancakes. I decided to do the cheese omelet and sub regular pancakes for the chocolate chip ones. The omelet was good, but nothing I would go there for. THE HASHBROWNS THOUGH. AND THE HOT CHOCOLATE. AND THE CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES. UGH IT WAS ALL SO GOOD. Jake would recommend the quevos rancheros and the banana pancakes. Go here. Just get up right now, walk out your door and drive/fly/sail to an Original Pancake House. 

Dog Haus: I know, we do a fancy V-Day dinner haha. If you know me, you know I grossly love hot dogs. There are like 0 places that sell veggie dogs though! Once Dog Haus opened I was craving it hardcore! Jake got a chili cheese dog (what else would you expect haha) and loved it. I got the downtown dog and wasn't the biggest fan. I think it was just a lot for my simple palate haha. THE BUNS WERE SO GOOD THOUGH. They were like, sweet and just, just heavenly. I want to go back and just do a regular ketchup and mustard dog. Oh, and they have fry sauce, so that's a definite benefit. Anyway, definitely would recommend them. 

There you have it! If you read all that then yay. You are a fellow foodie. If you just looked at the pictures and scrolled to the bottom, then yay. You are like me and read 80% of blogs for the pictures hahaha.

But yeah! That was our Valentine's weekend! 

- - - - -

Monday, February 22, 2016

A Happy List: 106

Finally getting a digital camera so I can vlog/take more pictures. 
When people are nice and excited for us to move to New York.
Going to "all songs" in Spotify and just hitting shuffle. 
New sheets. Cross your fingers they don't pill.
Finding 400 vintage magazines for $20
The Mermaid smoothie bowl at Ivie.
Going on a triple date with friends.
Trying 3 new food places.
Finally shooting at Ivie.
Lykke Li (always).


My mom was trying to convince me Trixie needs to wear diapers.
Me: "How would you feel if I put a diaper on you when you are old?!?!"
My mom: "Totally fine!! Call it a "brief" and put it on me!!!"

Jake comes running up the stairs so dramatically: "I got toothpaste in my eye!!!!"

Jake's nick names for Trixie this week: Trixanthemum. Riggletony (my favorite haha). Traxus.

- - - - -

P.S. What should I vlog about?

Monday, February 15, 2016

A Happy List: 105

I was jumping up and down and it got Trixie so hyped she started running all over the house lol.
This smog! I know it's technically gross but I honestly think it's so beautiful haha.
The lengths my neice goes through to hug me every single time she sees me lol.
Meeting awesome Instagram people I've followed at Photo Native.
The new season of Bates Motel coming out on Netflix.
A new Starbuck's in Orem right on my way to work!
Trying 3 restaurants from my Utah list.
Making it 30 days without soda.
Finally trying out Airbnb.
Veggie hot dogs.

- - - - -

I did the unspeakable in blogger land and only took like 1 picture Valentine's weekend haha. Honestly, it was too nice just to be away from everything and finally have some space again. I'll blog about it later though because we found some CHOICE places to eat. If you guys did anything fun that I should know exists, please tell me haha. I'm on the constant search for novelty! Especially with Valentine's Day/holidays I always want to try new traditions! So let me know if you do anything fun. :)!

- - - - -

Monday, February 8, 2016

A Happy List: 104

A little boy in my primary class who never lets me hold him, finally let me hold him!
Putting practically my entire paycheck in the New York fund.
In 'N Out grilled cheese with tomatoes and pickles.
The episode of Friend's with Ross's spray tan.
Learning how to batch export in Photoshop.
Not having to watch the super bowl.
The shoot I did for Recks & Relle.
My work's pregnancy joke.
Morning Star riblets.
Winter fog.

- - - - - -

Jake: (Saying he thinks he is chubby.) "I'm a gerber adult." 

*I hit my finger* Jake: "Oh did you hurt your fingie? Need to me to kiss... *pants me*

During the whole pregnancy fiasco at work lol.
Coworker #1: "You responded to my comment with a period. What does that mean?"
Me: "It's this face. :|"
Coworker #2: "No, a period is what she wants to have."

My mom referring to my fear of pregnancy: "You are so psycho crazy about this."

When I asked my mom about a "Lori Speaks" video series: "I feel like it might come back to haunt me."

- - - - -

- - - - -

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

DIY Jeweled Crown

I made these for our New Year's Eve and decided to post a how-to for anyone wanting to be royalty. This was seriously so easy, it doesn't even need step by step photos haha.

Glitter foam paper (This holds better and is more flexible than cardboard/regular paper, in my opinion. I got mine at Wal-Mart but there are so pretty colors on Amazon.)
Hot glue gun

1. Fold the paper hot dog style and cut v shapes. I used the triangle I got from my first v shape so they were all even.
2. Glue the ends together. (You may need to reshape your point a little bit, or cut off some excess.)
3. Add jewels!
4. Measure your head. You'll most likely need a rectangle strip in the back.
5. Super glue the strip.
6. That's it! You're a queen (or king) now!

And of course, you can't make a crown for yourself without making one for your pup!

- - - - -

Monday, February 1, 2016

A Happy List: 103

My DIY glamgow mud mask. (And Jake doing it with me lol.)
The hope that I can be Diane Keaton when I'm older.
Finding some colored walls in Provo at last.
When Trixie is all curled up in her bed.
Going through our last packing box.
Getting tons of new clients at work.
Selling my orange chair.
Blake Lively's face.
Mini cupcakes.
Asian pears.

- - - - -

Funny things people said:

Me: I kind of want to invest in some good makeup.
Jake: You got me all excited there. I thought you were going to say you wanted to invest in a mutual fund or something.

Jake: (referring to malasadas) They have these really good dessert pillows.

My mom: He was a good friend, not like a good friend, but like a good person as a friend.

- - - - -

Ok, not gonna lie. This week has been absolute MURDER. In the realest sense, my life is literally falling apart. I'm going to do a separate post on it, because I feel it's important for the world to know why I am so non-social lately. 

But, I was able to muster out a happy list so maybe I'm not completely dead yet.

- - - - -