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New Year's Festivities

Sunday, January 3, 2016

(This is what the majority of our "Let me get my focus." pictures look like hahahahaha.)

I love Jake's face in this photo haha.

Yup. This was our New Year hahahahaha. I always complain about the lack of activities for married adults. There are dance parties for single people and fun things if you have kids. But, if you're married without kids it's always kind of boring. At least for us haha. One of these years I'm going to throw a party, but my vision for that requires mucho moneys that we don't have yet hahahah.

Anyway! We ate some Digornio's pizza, tried to buy Martinelli's (It was sold out at two different stores so we settled for Welch's sparkling cider. NOT as good, by the way.), watched Where The Wild Things Are, and were king and queen of the world :)

I'm not one for yearly reflection posts or New Year's resolutions, so we'll just say that 2016 is going to be kick A. Mainly because we'll finally move to New York and have great adventures! 

Thanks to everyone who follows this little blog of mine :) I truly enjoy reading and responding to all your comments and emails! #ilovecyberfriends

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  1. In my ward, we have started doing a Young Married's FHE, because there realiy isn't much for people in our category like you said.


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