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Hi! Welcome to my corner of the internet. I'm a 26 year old therapist, feminist, photographer, and shop owner currently living in Seattle, Washington. My shop, Dealign with Feelings, is geared toward destigmatizing and normalizing mental health. I'm biased, but I think we have some pretty cute stuff :) Click the "shop" tab to see what we've got! I mainly post about my travel and daily life on here. With other random musings thrown in. I post more frequently (and about more feminism) on my Instagram @emmycoletti, so make sure you're following me there. Thanks for stopping by!

January Playlist

Saturday, January 2, 2016

I've just decided to do a monthly playlist. I love finding new music! When I was in high school, I had a friend who I would exchange mixed CDs with every Monday. It was so fun to have some new tunes to listen to.

What you can expect from these monthly playlists:
- No country. Sorry, I'm not the biggest fan. No pop/radio music either.
- Lots of beats/electric-type music. It's what I'm most into at the moment.
- Alternative - always my favorite as well.
- Maybe some slow jams. Sometimes I just can't help myself.

Also, I'm updating them every month, so if you come back to this post any time after February 1st these songs won't be here! Never fear, my sweet children, I'm making a mastery blog playlist that I'll add each month's songs to. Happy listening!

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