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Favorite Veg Meal: #1

Friday, January 22, 2016

(My mom's counter tops drive me crazy haha. They're not quite white, but like... so close. So when I brighten my images they're barely not white hahaha.)

Anyway, this is the best dinner! When I first discovered it I seriously ate it every night for like a week haha.

Ok! So this is super easy and the most delish. Just get this sauce from Costco, throw some rice in a rice cooker, fry up some extra firm tofu and you're good! It takes like 15 minutes tops and is so filling. 

(I like to cut my tofu into little cubes, soak out all the water with paper towels, and then toss in a cornstarch/cornmeal mix. I fry them over medium heat with a little oil and they are soooo good. When I do 1/4 cup rice and 1/4 cube tofu it's a little too much for me, but I always make that much anyway lol.)

But yeah! Keep your eye peeled for more of my favorite veg meals :) And try them! I feel like there is this stigma sometimes amongst meat eaters that veg recipes aren't good/filling. But they are! I promise!

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  1. i am obsessed with costco's coconut curry. i swear they put crack in it or something!!


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