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Cocoa and Cookies

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

HAHA. So, my friend Leah moved to Utah and I was like, "Hey! We should all go for a date night up the canyon and make smores and cocoa!" Well, then it was supposed to snow so we decided not to. But, I am a snow baby so I still wanted to go up there with Jake and picnic in the car. On the way up, there was like a foot of snow on everything! Haha! So, it would have been pretty much impossible to have a bonfire anyway lol. 

It was so fun though! We brought Trixie thinking she would be able to get out and explore, but the snow was too deep for her so she just snoozed in the back seat. I am still super obsessed with these cute mugs we got for Christmas. We used one of those waterbottles that keep things warm forever. It was awesome! I had my doubts but our cocoa stayed warm the whole time haha.

Anyway. Go to Tibble Fork right now because it's beautiful.

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  1. That seriously sounds so perfect... I am jealous of your nice snowy date! And Trixie OMG haha. Oh and Leah.. Aww I miss Leah here in CA!

    xoxo Jess

  2. These photos are remarkable! I feel almost like I'm there with you guys. Looks like a cold adventure. :]

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