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Bathing = Worst

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Guys. I keep trying to be a bath person and it just is not working. I was told that using epsom salts can help you feel less stressed. Also, water simluates touch and is supposed to be calming to us as well. So, I decided to give this bath thing another whirl on Friday night while Jake was at a birthday party for a friend.


It started out harmless enough. I filled the bath tub. I grabbed a book. I got pumped. Then I got in the water and it was just hot. And I hate being hot. And I can't fit in my bath tub comfortably. My legs have to be like, completely extended in order for me to not sink underneath. I started sweating and it was just like, a gross experience. 

But I had to wait 20 minutes because I guess that's how long it takes for the salts to work? So I just sat in there sweating and reading and waiting for it all to end haha. I got out and my entire body was like, super red. I got the biggest glass of ice water ever. Idk if you can tell in that photo but my face was so red. 

Anyway. I conclude that I am not, and will not ever be, a bath person. RIP baths.

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  1. ME. EITHER.

    And I'm in and out of the shower – shampooed, soaped and shaved – in less than 5 minutes.


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