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A Happy List: 102

Monday, January 25, 2016

(I did better at photographing my "happy moments" this week! Yay!)


Getting disconnected during not 1, but 2 trainings and talking to myself like an idiot while they watched me take a selfie... completely unaware that we had been disconnected hahahahahahah.
When my coworkers matched my NYC wrist countdown by writing "so sad" on theirs lol.
Having 2 new recipes I tried this week turn out great! I'll post them later.
Discovering vintage magazines at a market and trying collage art.
Finally getting new sheets! I'll report back on them in a few :)
When I accidentally dressed like Where's Waldo.
Having a great conversation with my coworker.
When Jake calls Trixie Rikki-Roo.
Facetiming for the first time.
Slab's new pizza flavor.


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