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Christmas Festivities

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Eve morning we went to Kneader's for breakfast. I know everyone is obsessed with their french toast, but I truly love the steel cut oats. It's why I am obsessed with steel cut oats now haha. 

The rest of the day was spent getting ready and watching T.V.  We went to Jake's family's house for dinner and had the most delicious cheese fondue.

I FINALLY GOT THE HANNA ANDERSSON PAJAMAS. You guys, I have been waiting SO LONG for this. I got them on mega discount and they are so great. We'll probably use these every year, because they're just too cute.

Christmas morning we opened our presents! I kept telling Jake how cute we were and he was like, "We can be even cuter." and went and got Martenelli's ahhaha. It was fancy indeed.

Jake did such a good job wrapping my presents. :) I have no regrets about our kraft roll.

Trixie was the cutest every day. We bought her santa costume from Target on whim and it was the best decision. 

The rest of the morning was spent building the coolest igloo ever. We're not done with it yet, but I'll post picture when we finish it. We had dinner and played games with my family later in the day. That night, we saw Concussion. It was so good and made me dislike sports more hahahahaha. 

We went to bed with a Trixie Santa and all was well. 
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  1. Nice thinking with the Martinelli's, that always makes everything better in my opinion. And cute pajamas, I am loving the stripes.


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