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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Have you guys heard about that Instagram-famous model who is now against social media? It's so dumb haha. Like, I understand where she is coming from but I don't think social media is "fake" in anyway. Like I think you can definitely make yourself fake and that's obviously what she struggled with, but like social media doesn't make someone get to that point. The person being insecure makes them get to that point.

Idk. I think that girl had lots of good things to say, but I kind of wish instead of hating on social media she would have started using it for good. Like she could have raised awareness about non-profits or featured small shops (like the ones that give tons of money to Africa and sell African pants or something like that). It's kind of sad that she is putting so much energy into tearing social media down instead of using it as a tool to build other things up, but oh well. Whatever floats your boat. 

N.E.WAY. I've been trying to get my Instagram to be coherent lately, but the other day I realized how dumb that was. Like, I guess I still care about it looking good visually because it's an artistic challenge, but UGH WHY THE ALL WHITE EMMY. I know that is like, soooo trendy right now, but I love film and grain. So, I'm switching my personal Instagram back to the way I like it and I'll keep my photography Instagram light and clean for business purposes haha.


Our life basically consists of, "We are almost through our food budget! We can't go out!"
"Well, I did just earn $5. We could use that and it wouldn't show up in our budget?"

Then I leave the house in only fuzzy socks because they have a DRIVE-THRU LITTLE CAESARS YOU GUYS,  but it wasn't open yet so I ended up waiting in the car while Jake went to get it haha.

Then we obviously watched Parks and Rec for the rest of the night. I took a quiz and it said I was Chris Traegar? For some reason I don't think it's right, but I can't think of who else I would be either haha.

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  1. You're positive, like Chris Traegar, but you also eat a lot of pizza, unlike Chris Traegar.
    I miss going through the Little Caesar's drive through in our home town! There isn't one here/close by.

  2. OMG we had this Friday night too! We called ahead so we could run in an pick up the order (because we were in sweats), turns out they didn't even take our order... so we waited, and they gave us the wrong thing. It was the worst! But the pizza was really good, so.

  3. This whole post. Just yes. I thought it was completely ridiculous that she blamed social media! There are so many people who are doing great things with social media. Also, the budget thing. If I find 5 bucks on the ground, I don't think "I'll add this to the budget"....I think "hey this is a way to get around my budget!"

  4. you are the cutest;
    i could not agree more that social media has incredible powers for goodness.

  5. We eat waaaaay too much Little Caesar's around here. I blame my husband, but honestly I don't complain all that much so I think that makes me equally guilty?


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