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Slab: My Pizza Love

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Step 1: Go to Slab.
Step 2: Thank me later.

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  1. So there's a place here in DC (and only DC (and Northern VA and MD)) called &pizza. It's like Chipotle for pizza. YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT...online...and if you ever make it to DC after you move to NYC, COME TO HERE AND EAT AT IT!

    You go in a choose your crust and then sauce and then toppings and meats and they put it through a quick oven like the thing at Quiznos and then it comes out and you can finish it off with freshly grated cheeses and other yum stuff.


    And a photo of the inside of one of the locations in DC: http://www.worn.nyc/blog/2013/9/25/worn-creative-teams-up-with-pizza-to-put-local-artists-on-the-menu-design-contest

    1. WHAT. THIS IS AWESOME. I want to end up in D.C. I'm definitely adding this to my list :) You're the best!


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