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Frappula, Yo

Saturday, November 7, 2015

We got the "Frappula" (Dracula frappuchino) on Saturday. I love Starbuck's because it reminds me of my grandma and she is my favorite person on earth. 

Also, I'm putting together a how-to on ordering non-coffee drinks at Starbuck's. Whenever someone ordered a vanilla steamer I used to ask, "Do you drink coffee?" and if they said "No." I would suggest something else. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO STARBUCK'S THAN VANILLA STEAMERS AND VANILLA BEAN FRAPPUCHINOS.

No worries, dear children. I will teach you.

- - - - -


  1. TEACH ME! Can't wait for this post!

  2. Can't wait to see your Mormon Starbies menu!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA, I'm excited to see such a menu/instructional how-to. I don't drink coffee at all, ever (never have), so I don't really "get" Starbucks. But I also don't usually drink anything else flavored (like juice or tea or soda), so it doesn't really matter. LOL! Still, I'm interested to see what else SB has to offer non-coffee drinkers that like flavored drinks and aren't boring water-only drinkers like yours truly.

    1. Starbuck's is so delicious. Do you at least drink milk?!?! HOW DOES ONE SURVIVE ON WATER ALONE


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