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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Freaking out over here. I found out I got into NYU which is exciting, but also really stressful. I basically have three choices:

#1. Start school in January without Jake. Graduate in May of 2017.
#2. Start school in September with Jake. Graduate in May of 2018.
#3. Wait until Monday and hear when I would graduate if I started school in May. Aka somehow make myself have patience. (This isn't an option because ANXIETY.)

Even if I did decide on one of those, there's the delimma of housing. Call me high maintenence, but I can't go from living with a husband for two years to living with roommates again. I just don't feel like it would be a good decision. All the studios in Manhattan by NYU are way out of our price range. Studios elsewhere (like Brooklyn or Jersey) scare me, because I am scared of Brooklyn and I don't want to live far away from campus in case I have to have a late night and commute back home. 

Not to mention I wasn't anticipating getting into NYU in the first place, so we have like a quarter saved of what we wanted. I was expecting to move in May, so I have our monthly savings adjusted to accomdate that. Which means even if I did need to move to New York in January in order to graduate in a decent amount of time, I wouldn't be able to afford anything. I wouldn't literally be living off of loans (which I don't know how much they will be for yet). I would also probably be eating cereal and spaghetti for every meal (although what else is new there). We wouldn't have enough money for Jake to fly out and see me a lot, so we probably would see each other like once during those 3 months. WHICH WOULD SUCK BECAUSE MY LOVE LANGUAGE IS QUALITY TIME AND I ALREADY GET SAD BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE WE NEVER SEE EACH OTHER.

ANXIETY ANXIETY ANXIETY. I'm super happy I got into NYU. The other program I was in was 3 years, and this new one is 16 months. I only have a week to decide what I'm going to do though, and I'm freaking out. We don't have the financial means for me to live in New York comfortabley without Jake, and I don't want to be living with weird people and hating my life. And I also don't want to live there without Jake. Like, if the graduation difference is a year, I could make that work and just take out lots loans to get my own studio. But if I would only graduate like 8 months later if I waited for Jake then I would rather do that. 


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  1. NYU??!? That's a HUGE accomplishment! Congratulations!

  2. Yo girl. I'm so sorry that this good news has come with anxiety. Being an adult sucks!! If it were me, I'd definitely wait until September. That means staying in Utah longer, but maybe I can come visit you in the summer time, so a few days out of the wait won't be so bad ;) Plans change, and that sucks, but ya just gotta make the best of it!
    Love you, friend. I'll pray for you.

  3. But YAYYYY!!!! Congrats on getting into NYU! That's soooo exciting!!

  4. Congratulations on getting into NYU!! If we were grabbing coffee and chatting about this, I would probably say wait for your hubby. You're right, I would be weird going from being with him for two years to living with roommates/strangers!

  5. Wait NYU! That is the most amazing thing!! What I would give to move to NYC!! Hope everything works out!



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