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A Happy List: 93

Monday, November 23, 2015

The drive to the pharmacy with Sydney. / Snow covered mountains during sunrise. / The call I had with one of my offices. Hahah she was so spicy I had to start writing down things she had said. / When Jake asked the McDonald's employee if they accept Apple Pay and she thought he was asking for apple pie and told us it would be an 8 minute wait. / Pumpkin spice hot chocolate from Starbuck's. / Finding out we get time off after Christmas! / Finishing two shoots in one day... the day after I shot them. #underpromiseoverdeliver. / When Jake put a peanut in Trixie's lips. / Garlic knots. / The way Tasty videos are filmed.


Here are some funny things people said this week...

My mom: "That's a Brugee's waffle?! I thought you were eating a Waffle Luv waffle!!"
Me: *excited yelling* "NO!!!! IT'S BRUGEE'S!!!! How can you not tell?!?! Waffle Luv doesn't have chocolate inside their waffles!!!!!!!"
My mom: "You're yelling about food!!! I've raised you well."

(I apparently didn't tell my mom there was a Brugee's in Provo.)
My mom: "So, that was my day. Then I come home to find out you've been hiding Brugee's Waffles and Frites from me."

My friend: "That's her sister. She's a bitch."

(Have you guys seen this video? Watch it or this one won't be funny.)
We were watching that part in Lost where Michael is yelling at Jin because he attacked him over a watch. Michael yells at him for a good minute and then walks away.
Jake: "Ha!!! Got eem!!!!"

Me: "I'll probably just have Mini Wheats again."
Jake: "You're going to turn into a Mini Wheat."

Me: "I'm going to go eat this while I hang out with my friends."
My mom: "Who?"
Me: "Joey, Chandler, Ross, Monica..."

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  1. That last one – the way Tasty videos are filmed. YES! I don't do Facebook and had never seen one of the videos until your Frushi post last week. SO ON FLEEK. (I feel it necessary to clarify I don't actually say that out loud. Ever. EVAR. Online tho? No ragrats.)

  2. I'm honestly getting tired of Tasty videos. Ok, maybe not the ones by them, but other people are copying their style! And it's not as good. I see them all over facebook now. It's just annoying.


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