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A Happy List: 92

Monday, November 16, 2015

THE SNOW TODAY. / When Jake cleaned the house <3 /  Doing parkour for Jake. / Getting a new swimsuit. / Finally using VidAngel. / My coworker was talking about this new video game he got. I said, "Fallout 4" and it was so awesome seeing his reaction that I knew hahah. / Meeting a girl who looks exactly like Marissa Cooper from The O.C. / Trixie in her Christmas pajamas. / The new mug I found at Fed Ex of all places. / The dental hygienist was doing some sensitivity tests on my teeth. She told me to keep my hand raised when I could feel the cold, and to put it down when it went away. I accidentally raised my hand really fast, then tried to say, "I messed up on that one." But I had so much spit in the back of my throat I just started gargling and laughing. The dental hygienist started laughing too and we just sat there laughing together haha. 

Funny things people said this week:

Me: You're both aware of Amber Fillerup, right?
My mom: Yeah, she's at your work right?

Me while watching Friends: Mom! It's your guy! You like him! He's in The Transporter?
My mom: He's not in The Transporter and I don't like him. *walks away*

Me: I wish those people would leave so I can go downstairs.
My mom: I know. That's how I feel all the time. (Making a joke about me and Jake because we live in her basement hahaha.)

(We had just airplayed a movie from my phone. I ran to the bathroom but my phone was still on airplay so Jake could see everything I was looking at. He was texting me about what movie to watch next.)
Jake: Hey have you seen good will hunting?
Me: No
Jake: It's supposed to be like the shiz movie of all time
Me: Dead emoji
Jake: Taco emoji
*I swiped up when I saw this text*
Jake: I saw you just ignored my taco
Jake: Aw ignored again!

(My mom texting me about where her playing cards were located.)
Me: I have some walking dead ones
My mom: I had like three bags full of them I just wondered where they were it's weird
Me: Gnomes
My mom: Stinking gnomes stealing cards to make homes out of. What do they think we are a building supply company?

My mom sends me this picture and says, "The twins I never knew I had." (This one for real makes me LOL just reading again.)

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  1. OMG YEEESSS for the twin picture!
    I'm so proud.

  2. Love this post! p.s. I saw your picture feature on Maeberry Vintage's Instagram. Those collaboration photos look amazing1

  3. This picture is too precious for words and I totally want to hang out with your mum haha. She just sounds so cool and funny!

  4. I got here from the little comment you left on my blog post a billion years ago and have been doing some serious stalking for myself hah! Your life is so stinking cute & this happy list is precious!


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