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A Happy List: 91

Monday, November 9, 2015

So this is my pod at work. I named it Podest Mouse. One day at work we all decided to dress up as our pod, so naturally we decided to be as Portland as possible :D Pictures courtesy of @emikanawaddell 


Finally getting my studio photos to where I want them to be. / When we thought there was a spy at work. / Setting up our Christmas stuff and rearranging the basement. / Trixie's new clothes from Target. / New collaborations. / Lighting candles. / Having the soft glow of the Christmas tree to guide me when I get up in the mornings. / When it snowed little, baby snows. / Hanging up my new studio backdrop. / Getting new models for future shoots.


Every time Jake opens the car door for me, the belt on my coat is hanging out the door. Every time he sees this he says, "You have a dangly." Tonight, we were getting in the car. In the darkness he said, "You probably have a dangly."

We were singing along to "Smack That" (mega tbt I know) and instead of saying "smack that" over and over again Jake replaced it with "chesters".

My mom: *struggling to explain a ditzy person* "The train doesn't go all the way to the station!"

Boy at McDonald's: "I like your... (stops to greet someone on the headset) Your... *gestures to entire torso* all this. (Get's back on headset.)

This is inappropriate but I'm an adult so whatever. Me and my coworker were talking about something that involved the... male... anatomy... while one of our other coworkers was on the phone. She started talking about The Peanuts Movie, but from afar it sounded EXACTLY like she said penis hahahahahahahah. It was the most perfect timing and we died.



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  1. The last two made me LLOL at my desk.

    And you guys are so Portland. I can say that. I'm from there.

      I'm so glad we achieved Portland hahahaha


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