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A Happy List: 90

Monday, November 2, 2015

Realizing that I'm done with my first trimester in my moving-to-New-York pregnancy metaphor. :'D
Smith's Marketplace. They literally have everything you could ever want and more.
 When Jake quotes the German guy from the Party Pooper video.
Getting tons of food at work because my coworkers are bomb.
Discovering there is a Slab in Lehi now!!!
When Drake says, "hotline bling".
My mother-in-law's quiche.
My new studio backdrop.
Changing our sheets.
Jovanna's dog.

My mom: "I'm sick of crazy, stupid people!"
My mom: "(blah blah blah)... hellness."
Me: "Mom! You never curse!
My mom: "It's not a curse! It has -ness on the end!"
I was telling my mom about all the people who know her and want to meet her based on what I post on social media. She said, "Holy crap! I'm famous!"
My mom: "I thought Eminem was a candy for years!"
Jake: *credit cards me* "Gotcha in your cracker spaniel."

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  1. Ah, new sheets are my faaaavorite, especially when they're crispy white :) I love these little happy lists.

    1. YES YES YES. This is actually my photography backdrop because our white sheets are gross, so I just had to switch to our green ones. They aren't quite as cute haha.

  2. i seriously LOL at every quote from your mom. "holy crap! i'm famous!" she IS, and i totally want to meet her.

    1. Haha I know!! Maybe I'll post a video with her soon.

  3. OMG I WANT NEW SHEETS SO BADLY (well, we kind of NEED them, since our only fitted sheet got ripped last weekend...in multiple spots...and then my 3 year old peed on them...), but it's ridiculously hard to find FUN king size sheets. BLAH.

    1. Ah!! Get new sheets! I've never looked for fun sheets, but I love Urban Outfitters one hippie-ish brand. I can't remember what it's called now. Magical Thinking? Maybe? Lol


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