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Monday, November 30, 2015

A Happy List: 94

Being able to shoot my film-style for Piper and Scoot. (View my photos here, here and here.) / These koala candies. / Making hot chocolate in a Keurig. / Petting a 9-week-old mini Austrailian Shepherd that looked like this. / When my niece felt bad for being mean to me at dinner and kept complimenting everything about me hahahah. / Trying all the flavors of Martinelli's. / Watching it snow in the morning when no one else was awake. / Dawn Golden. / The way your hair feels after you get a haircut. / All the funny books and knick-knacks at Atticus Coffee. 

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Saturday, November 28, 2015


This year it was my family's turn for Thanksgiving. They wanted to go to Hotel Park City and eat out for dinner, so that's exactly what we did!

I loved being the first one up every morning and watching the sun rise through our cottage windows.

My brother flew in from New Mexico and brought his girlfriend with him. It was so much fun having them both with us. :) (That's not his girlfriend in the picture, that's my sister hahaha.)

You guys. HAHAHHAHA. This cute old couple was sitting at the table reading their newspapers. It was so adorable I just couldn't resist taking a picture. The first one I took wasn't focused, so I took another, but the lady TOTALLY caught me. I love her face haha.

This is me trying to pretend I wanted a picture of my sister instead... not sure how believable it was haha. Oh, but also this was at Wasatch Bagels and they had CAFFEINE FREE CHAI. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! So yummy!

We drank many a Martinelli's and watched many a episodes of Lost.


We went to Ruth's Chris for Thanksgiving dinner (and for my sister's birthday dinner the night before lol) and it was so nice not having to cook anything or clean anything up haha. How lazy does that make me sound?! No, but really. Like, we could all just hang out and spend time together and no one had to be slaving away in the kitchen. Neither Jake or I are big fans of Thanksgiving dinner. I think next year when we start our own Thanksgiving traditions we are going to either go out to eat somewhere Mexican or Italian or make tacos at home hahahaha. 

VEGETARIANS ATTENTION: This is a bagel sandwich from Atticus Coffee in Park City. It has cheese, egg, and VEGGIE SAUSAGE. It tastes like real sausage and scared me so I had to have Jake test it to make sure it wasn't real. GO THERE IF YOU MISS BREAKFAST SANDWICHES.

All in all, it was a good last Thanksgiving in Utah! It's weird that we're getting down to our last holidays in Utah haha. I remember when it seemed like New York was years away, and now I'll be living there in 5 months! I'm so excited to start some traditions in the city :) We've talked about what traditions we want to do with our own family one day, and it's weird to think that next Thanksgiving we can start implementing them. Like real adults haha! Anyway, sorry to bring New York up in every other post but I'm just so dang excited I can't stop thinking about it haha. 

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Monday, November 23, 2015

A Happy List: 93

The drive to the pharmacy with Sydney. / Snow covered mountains during sunrise. / The call I had with one of my offices. Hahah she was so spicy I had to start writing down things she had said. / When Jake asked the McDonald's employee if they accept Apple Pay and she thought he was asking for apple pie and told us it would be an 8 minute wait. / Pumpkin spice hot chocolate from Starbuck's. / Finding out we get time off after Christmas! / Finishing two shoots in one day... the day after I shot them. #underpromiseoverdeliver. / When Jake put a peanut in Trixie's lips. / Garlic knots. / The way Tasty videos are filmed.


Here are some funny things people said this week...

My mom: "That's a Brugee's waffle?! I thought you were eating a Waffle Luv waffle!!"
Me: *excited yelling* "NO!!!! IT'S BRUGEE'S!!!! How can you not tell?!?! Waffle Luv doesn't have chocolate inside their waffles!!!!!!!"
My mom: "You're yelling about food!!! I've raised you well."

(I apparently didn't tell my mom there was a Brugee's in Provo.)
My mom: "So, that was my day. Then I come home to find out you've been hiding Brugee's Waffles and Frites from me."

My friend: "That's her sister. She's a bitch."

(Have you guys seen this video? Watch it or this one won't be funny.)
We were watching that part in Lost where Michael is yelling at Jin because he attacked him over a watch. Michael yells at him for a good minute and then walks away.
Jake: "Ha!!! Got eem!!!!"

Me: "I'll probably just have Mini Wheats again."
Jake: "You're going to turn into a Mini Wheat."

Me: "I'm going to go eat this while I hang out with my friends."
My mom: "Who?"
Me: "Joey, Chandler, Ross, Monica..."

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Sunday, November 22, 2015


Freaking out over here. I found out I got into NYU which is exciting, but also really stressful. I basically have three choices:

#1. Start school in January without Jake. Graduate in May of 2017.
#2. Start school in September with Jake. Graduate in May of 2018.
#3. Wait until Monday and hear when I would graduate if I started school in May. Aka somehow make myself have patience. (This isn't an option because ANXIETY.)

Even if I did decide on one of those, there's the delimma of housing. Call me high maintenence, but I can't go from living with a husband for two years to living with roommates again. I just don't feel like it would be a good decision. All the studios in Manhattan by NYU are way out of our price range. Studios elsewhere (like Brooklyn or Jersey) scare me, because I am scared of Brooklyn and I don't want to live far away from campus in case I have to have a late night and commute back home. 

Not to mention I wasn't anticipating getting into NYU in the first place, so we have like a quarter saved of what we wanted. I was expecting to move in May, so I have our monthly savings adjusted to accomdate that. Which means even if I did need to move to New York in January in order to graduate in a decent amount of time, I wouldn't be able to afford anything. I wouldn't literally be living off of loans (which I don't know how much they will be for yet). I would also probably be eating cereal and spaghetti for every meal (although what else is new there). We wouldn't have enough money for Jake to fly out and see me a lot, so we probably would see each other like once during those 3 months. WHICH WOULD SUCK BECAUSE MY LOVE LANGUAGE IS QUALITY TIME AND I ALREADY GET SAD BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE WE NEVER SEE EACH OTHER.

ANXIETY ANXIETY ANXIETY. I'm super happy I got into NYU. The other program I was in was 3 years, and this new one is 16 months. I only have a week to decide what I'm going to do though, and I'm freaking out. We don't have the financial means for me to live in New York comfortabley without Jake, and I don't want to be living with weird people and hating my life. And I also don't want to live there without Jake. Like, if the graduation difference is a year, I could make that work and just take out lots loans to get my own studio. But if I would only graduate like 8 months later if I waited for Jake then I would rather do that. 


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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


If you need to know true love, make Tasty's fruit sushi recipe

You're welcome.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

A Happy List: 92

THE SNOW TODAY. / When Jake cleaned the house <3 /  Doing parkour for Jake. / Getting a new swimsuit. / Finally using VidAngel. / My coworker was talking about this new video game he got. I said, "Fallout 4" and it was so awesome seeing his reaction that I knew hahah. / Meeting a girl who looks exactly like Marissa Cooper from The O.C. / Trixie in her Christmas pajamas. / The new mug I found at Fed Ex of all places. / The dental hygienist was doing some sensitivity tests on my teeth. She told me to keep my hand raised when I could feel the cold, and to put it down when it went away. I accidentally raised my hand really fast, then tried to say, "I messed up on that one." But I had so much spit in the back of my throat I just started gargling and laughing. The dental hygienist started laughing too and we just sat there laughing together haha. 

Funny things people said this week:

Me: You're both aware of Amber Fillerup, right?
My mom: Yeah, she's at your work right?

Me while watching Friends: Mom! It's your guy! You like him! He's in The Transporter?
My mom: He's not in The Transporter and I don't like him. *walks away*

Me: I wish those people would leave so I can go downstairs.
My mom: I know. That's how I feel all the time. (Making a joke about me and Jake because we live in her basement hahaha.)

(We had just airplayed a movie from my phone. I ran to the bathroom but my phone was still on airplay so Jake could see everything I was looking at. He was texting me about what movie to watch next.)
Jake: Hey have you seen good will hunting?
Me: No
Jake: It's supposed to be like the shiz movie of all time
Me: Dead emoji
Jake: Taco emoji
*I swiped up when I saw this text*
Jake: I saw you just ignored my taco
Jake: Aw ignored again!

(My mom texting me about where her playing cards were located.)
Me: I have some walking dead ones
My mom: I had like three bags full of them I just wondered where they were it's weird
Me: Gnomes
My mom: Stinking gnomes stealing cards to make homes out of. What do they think we are a building supply company?

My mom sends me this picture and says, "The twins I never knew I had." (This one for real makes me LOL just reading again.)

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

What My Life Is Actually Like

Have you guys heard about that Instagram-famous model who is now against social media? It's so dumb haha. Like, I understand where she is coming from but I don't think social media is "fake" in anyway. Like I think you can definitely make yourself fake and that's obviously what she struggled with, but like social media doesn't make someone get to that point. The person being insecure makes them get to that point.

Idk. I think that girl had lots of good things to say, but I kind of wish instead of hating on social media she would have started using it for good. Like she could have raised awareness about non-profits or featured small shops (like the ones that give tons of money to Africa and sell African pants or something like that). It's kind of sad that she is putting so much energy into tearing social media down instead of using it as a tool to build other things up, but oh well. Whatever floats your boat. 

N.E.WAY. I've been trying to get my Instagram to be coherent lately, but the other day I realized how dumb that was. Like, I guess I still care about it looking good visually because it's an artistic challenge, but UGH WHY THE ALL WHITE EMMY. I know that is like, soooo trendy right now, but I love film and grain. So, I'm switching my personal Instagram back to the way I like it and I'll keep my photography Instagram light and clean for business purposes haha.


Our life basically consists of, "We are almost through our food budget! We can't go out!"
"Well, I did just earn $5. We could use that and it wouldn't show up in our budget?"

Then I leave the house in only fuzzy socks because they have a DRIVE-THRU LITTLE CAESARS YOU GUYS,  but it wasn't open yet so I ended up waiting in the car while Jake went to get it haha.

Then we obviously watched Parks and Rec for the rest of the night. I took a quiz and it said I was Chris Traegar? For some reason I don't think it's right, but I can't think of who else I would be either haha.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Real Stuff For A Second

I wrote this whole post about Utah but then deleted it because of #*OtHeRs*FeELiNgS*. (Shout out to Riley Jo.)

If there's one thing I've learned in my 19 years in Utah it's this: People who love Utah, LOVE UTAH. By trying to find validation and comfort with my Utah struggle I've somehow ended up offending people or being lectured. People don't want to listen to some girl talk about how she doesn't like it here. OF COURSE THEY ARE GOING TO BE OFFENDED, EMMY. Really, it's my bad. I should have known. If I want someone currently living in Utah to agree with me on this I should probably go buy a brick at Home Depot and paint a face on it.

I'm still struggling with living here and still seeking validation and comfort. Some days are better than others. Some days I look at the paper chain countdown I made (breakdowns call for desperate measures haha) and I'm like "NEW YORK IS SO FAR AWAY I AM LITERALLY TRAPPED HERE FOREVER." But, I guess what's another 6 months when I've been waiting to move for 4 years. In the mean time, I'll just try to survive without offending too many Utah loving hearts ;) 

I wish they made pills you could take that could make you fit in with everyone else. #personalitypills. It's so easy for me to get depressed at how different I am from those around me. I'm liberal, introverted, and not satisfied with living here. Those three things alone can make me feel like an alien if I let it. Especially if I don't communicate effectively with others about what I need in order to feel loved and respected. But, in the end, I just need to be an adult and say, "I've done lots of social things and I just want to spend time alone." Or, "Let us not speak about politics, ever." Haha. It's not like people would break down in tears if I decided to be a real person with them. Like how are they supposed to know if I don't tell them? #aintnomindreader. People are good and understanding. They just want me to be happy. But I can't be happy if I don't effectively communicate with them what I need in order to be happy. 

This is turning into a weird therapy thing, so I guess I'll go. Sometimes it's nice to just start typing and let the mind go where it goes. I didn't think I thought about this a lot, but if it popped out in this post then apparently it's something that weighs on my mind. 

- - - - -

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

ZAO: The Second Food Post In A Row. I'm Not Sorry.

Ok. Go to ZAO also. I have posted about them before but they are SO GOOD. We usually don't go to the same places twice (unless it's fast food) but you can't say no to some fresh Asian food. Get their snap peas and the green curry sauce! Oh, and don't forget to try the organic sodas.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Slab: My Pizza Love

Step 1: Go to Slab.
Step 2: Thank me later.

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Monday, November 9, 2015

A Happy List: 91

So this is my pod at work. I named it Podest Mouse. One day at work we all decided to dress up as our pod, so naturally we decided to be as Portland as possible :D Pictures courtesy of @emikanawaddell 


Finally getting my studio photos to where I want them to be. / When we thought there was a spy at work. / Setting up our Christmas stuff and rearranging the basement. / Trixie's new clothes from Target. / New collaborations. / Lighting candles. / Having the soft glow of the Christmas tree to guide me when I get up in the mornings. / When it snowed little, baby snows. / Hanging up my new studio backdrop. / Getting new models for future shoots.


Every time Jake opens the car door for me, the belt on my coat is hanging out the door. Every time he sees this he says, "You have a dangly." Tonight, we were getting in the car. In the darkness he said, "You probably have a dangly."

We were singing along to "Smack That" (mega tbt I know) and instead of saying "smack that" over and over again Jake replaced it with "chesters".

My mom: *struggling to explain a ditzy person* "The train doesn't go all the way to the station!"

Boy at McDonald's: "I like your... (stops to greet someone on the headset) Your... *gestures to entire torso* all this. (Get's back on headset.)

This is inappropriate but I'm an adult so whatever. Me and my coworker were talking about something that involved the... male... anatomy... while one of our other coworkers was on the phone. She started talking about The Peanuts Movie, but from afar it sounded EXACTLY like she said penis hahahahahahahah. It was the most perfect timing and we died.



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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Frappula, Yo

We got the "Frappula" (Dracula frappuchino) on Saturday. I love Starbuck's because it reminds me of my grandma and she is my favorite person on earth. 

Also, I'm putting together a how-to on ordering non-coffee drinks at Starbuck's. Whenever someone ordered a vanilla steamer I used to ask, "Do you drink coffee?" and if they said "No." I would suggest something else. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO STARBUCK'S THAN VANILLA STEAMERS AND VANILLA BEAN FRAPPUCHINOS.

No worries, dear children. I will teach you.

- - - - -

Friday, November 6, 2015

I Am Not A Fashion Blogger

For some reason I really like documenting these. The outfit on the top right got me a literal round of applause from 20 people at work this week hahahaha. 

I want to make a book of outfits, so I can just flip through it and pick what I want to wear that day. #lazy. Honestly, it's been nice though. I've been going through my closet and wearing everything once. Like, once I wear something I put it in the back and don't let myself wear it again until I have gone through everything. It's really made me notice how many clothes I keep that I never wear hahaha.

I'm 90% sure our apartment in New York is going to be like, 500 square feet, so I'm trying really hard to downsize all our stuff and only keep essentials. It's been an adventure for sure, but I feel like I've been doing really well! Those freaking Instagram closet sales snipe me everytime though. That shirt in the bottom left was like, $6 or something! #deals4real

ANYWAY. I don't know how to end this. So, peace.

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Beverly's Vlogs

Hey hey. If you want to watch the vlogs Beverly made when I visited her, here they are! :) Thanks Bev!

- - - - -

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Lol my brother-in-law made me this pumpkin. Also, yes, I do have a photography studio in my house now, in case you were wondering why the sudden white backgrounds. I don't have a softbox yet, but will be getting one soon! Awe yi!!

Also, I am no longer posting the same photos on my blog and Instagram, so if you want to see what's happening over there I've added a link on my sidebar.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

007 Alien Style

I know Halloween is over, but I made these via Jake's request and had to share hahahaha.

- - - - -

Monday, November 2, 2015

A Happy List: 90

Realizing that I'm done with my first trimester in my moving-to-New-York pregnancy metaphor. :'D
Smith's Marketplace. They literally have everything you could ever want and more.
 When Jake quotes the German guy from the Party Pooper video.
Getting tons of food at work because my coworkers are bomb.
Discovering there is a Slab in Lehi now!!!
When Drake says, "hotline bling".
My mother-in-law's quiche.
My new studio backdrop.
Changing our sheets.
Jovanna's dog.

My mom: "I'm sick of crazy, stupid people!"
My mom: "(blah blah blah)... hellness."
Me: "Mom! You never curse!
My mom: "It's not a curse! It has -ness on the end!"
I was telling my mom about all the people who know her and want to meet her based on what I post on social media. She said, "Holy crap! I'm famous!"
My mom: "I thought Eminem was a candy for years!"
Jake: *credit cards me* "Gotcha in your cracker spaniel."

- - - - -

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Starbuck's Non-Coffee Drinks


How to not be annoying while ordering at Starbuck's. Don't expect them to know the ingredients in a secret menu drink. Have it prepared.

Frappula: white chocolate, milk, ice blended. Mocha sauce on bottom. Drizzle raspberry and whipped cream on top.

The Emmy: (for a grande). 2 pumps Pumpkin Spice, 1 pump vanilla, 1 pump caramel, whipped cream, caramel drizzle.

Mormon Iced Caramel Macchiato: I got this ALL THE TIME during the summers when I worked there. Milk with vanilla, caramel drizzle on top.

Passion Tea Lemonade: No classic, raspberry instead.

Passion tea with no classic and raspberry instead.

Peppermint hot chocolate: I get mine with non-fat milk, no vanilla and an extra pump of peppermint.

White hot chocolate with raspberry: This is what I used to get when I very first started going to Starbuck's.

Caramel apple frappuchino: apple juice to first line, 4 pumps classic, 1 pump cinnamon dolce, 2 pumps raspberry, scoop of ice, blend!

Caramel apple spice:

Milly's Sunrise: Lemon ale over blackberry syrup. So good, so layered.


Guys. This was the actual, real sunrise on my way to work Wednesday. *heart eyes emoji*

- - - - -