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A Video Of Our Trip And Then I'm Done I PROMISE.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sorry I thought I already posted this haha! Ok I'm done with vacation posts. I promise!

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Seattle/Bainbridge: Day 4

Wednesday, September 16, 2015
Ok can I just say that we got from Bainbridge Island to the airport without a car and it was awesome? We walked to the ferry -> took the ferry to Seattle -> walked to the light rail -> and then took the light rail to the airport! We saved probably $50. Sometimes it sucks to be a poor college student, but it's so fun too. I love not having tons of money to spend on vacations so we are forced to just explore and make it fun. :)

The ferry ride is so pretty always. I love it so much <3.

We stopped at Top Pot Donuts on our way to the train station. Chocolate raspberry cake and old fashioned :) Their hot chocolate wasn't super good, but when I have anything warm in a mug I can't complain.

We had zero weed experiences until we got in the elevator to get back down to the street. We could have sworn someone had been hotboxing in there or something haha!

I tried to get some more of those delicious dried fruit logs from the heavens, but THE SHOP WAS CLOSED. It was the saddest day ever. There were seriously only a few shops that were closed for memorial day and it was one of them. I should have bought them out while I had the chance haha! I didn't want to leave empty handed so I bought some more apple cider. I tried the lavendar and didn't like it as much as the peach, but it was still so good.

Saying goodbye to Seattle and Bainbridge was so hard :/ but we will be back! My uncle and his wife said they will apartment swap us haha so yay!

- - - - -

Seattle/Bainbridge: Day 3

Tuesday, September 15, 2015
Ok, so this day was so funny. I woke up early and took a shower. Right in the middle of shampooing my hair and washing my face the power went out! I seriously FREAKED out. I ran out of the bathroom butt naked, flinging water, face wash, and shampoo everywhere while desperately searching for a light switch. I kept yelling, "JAKE SOS JAKE SOS". He woke up and was so confused haha. It was just weird because when the lights went out my water kept going? 

Anyway, it took about 2 hours for the power to come back on. I kept imagining we were in The Walking Dead just trying to survive hahahahaha. I love stuff like that. 

This scone from Fat Apple Bakery was soooo good. It was chocolate chip and so moist. I always feel like I'm eating a ball of flour when I eat scones haha. To this day I have only had two scones that were good: Fat Apple Bakery's and Normandie's. <3

In the morning we drove to Poulsbo and it was seriously the cutest little town. We walked around and got treats. I shot tons of film this day, so more pictures will be coming when I can scrounge up the funds to pay for it all haha.

Hotel room chillin' before the wedding :) Don't you just love when the lighting is so soft and so perfect? I don't know why I've never thought of doing a photoshoot in a hotel room before, but I'm definitely adding it to my list.

THIS WAS MY UNCLE'S WEDDING YOU GUYS. How amazing is that location? It was so green and so pretty and had that perfect overcast glow.

'Twas a great day! We did a bunch of family pictures this day, but for privacy reasons I'll just post mine and Jake's.

(When you're trying to take a jumping picture but you're also a giant.)

I feel like the editing I did on the family pictures is more my ideal style than most of the work I've done, so that's exciting! :)!

- - - - -

Seattle/Bainbridge: Day 2

Thursday, September 10, 2015
Our second day on Bainbridge Island was pretty chill. We just wandered around, exploring. I love walking around while on vacation, because then I feel like I'm really getting to see everywhere there is to see haha. We started off the day with Pegasus Coffee and it was SO GOOD. They had these baked P-egg-asus meals that were delish. It was baked egg, with olive oil, your choice of cheese, and english muffins/toast! I bought all the ingredients at the grocery story yesterday so Jake can make it for me at home haha. (He is the egg making master.)

We wandered around the marina after breakfast and there were jellyfish in the water?! It was so weird haha. They were just like, chillin next to a bunch of boats? Jellyfish are so strange.

We walked the waterfront trail for a while, but then ended up just wandering around neighborhoods, looking at all the cute houses. 

I proposed to Jake while we were sitting here because it was too pretty ;) If I lived in one of the houses up the street I would be at this spot every day! Those Bainbridge-ians are too lucky :)

We saw this trail and wanted to see where it went. It was kind of cool, but it also led us into a neighborhood. It was so random. One second we were on this completely natural, unbothered natrual trail and the next second we were walking up the side of someone's house. Ha!

We ate at Woodfire pizza for lunch. I filled up on lavendar ice cream so Jake rocked these pieces by himself :)

Look at all those trees! I DIE, YOU GUYS, I DIE. 

The rest of the night was spent at my uncle's pre-wedding dinner with family. We ate at the Treehouse Cafe and it was SO GOOD. They had such good pizza, but the ceasar salad was to die for. Definitely add it to your list. 

I'm missing those green trees so much right now </3 They just call my name, ya know? 

- - - - -

Seattle/Bainbridge: Day 1

Wednesday, September 9, 2015
FI'm one of those people who feels the need to organize every single aspect of their lives, including my vacation posts. So, that's why we are going in chronilogical order, starting with day one. (Whenever someone says "chronilogical order" I almost always fall asleep immediately, but WAKE UP PEOPLE. THIS IS SEATTLE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.)

And so it begins...
Note to world: If you do not yet own a Cotopaxi backpack, then go buy a Cotopaxi backpack.

I got the wrong book in the mail, but when the surgeon found an eye, some teeth, and a few fingernails in a kid's brain within the first few pages, it was easy to keep going. ;)

Let it be known that if I ever got a tattoo, this is what it would be. (Except 10x better drawn haha.)

I AM SO SAD ABOUT THESE YOU GUYS. So, they are these little logs sent from heaven at Pike's Place. We got 5 just to taste all the flavors, because we assumed we would be back. Well, long story short we didn't get back to the market until Monday and they were one of the few shops that was CLOSED. It was heart breaking. I felt like a lover who was watching their soul mate board a plane to leave forever. </3

We ended up getting pizza and a caprese sandwich at DeLaurenti. I had them heat up my sandwich and it was SO GOOD. Like a grilled cheese on steroids. 

When you are with Jake and you pass a donut stand, you must stop and taste said donuts. 

When your name is Emmy and you see a stand with various flavors of apple cider, you must stop and try all the flavors before deciding on peach.

When you are BB Power Couple you must stop and eat said treats at a park, equal parts excited and horrified at the homeless man you saw doing drugs, and at all the selfie sticks. 

During our walk to the ferry we passed two of the cutest shops ever! I found my uncle the perfect wedding card :) One of the shops had these little crochet/knit kits with different animals. They had a little "Knit Your Own Zombie" kit and I have so much regret for not buying it haha.

The ferry to Bainbridge will always be one of my favorite things :)

We walked from the ferry to our hotel and it was so fun to just observe everything around us. The rest of the night was spent with family eating dinner and catching up. More to come tomorrow! 

- - - - -