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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Can we all just give a huge round of applause to my husband? It's 11:00 pm and he just left to get me strawberry cake mix and chocolate chips. In his words, "Em, you've been waiting for this new oven to cook and I'm not going to let stupid chocolate chips get in the way!!!!!"

Haha. (Ok it might not be word for word but who can ever remember exactly what people say anyway?)

This post doesn't really have a point other than to share these pictures that I took on Jake's camera! My niece wanted me to set up the Nintendo for her the other day, and amongst all the cables and controllers was Jake's little forgotten digital camera. I miss the days when my camera weighed less than 1,000,000 pounds :'D.

I guess I'm also here because I want to write about real life things again. Photography is good and all that, but I've just been bored with what I've been putting on here. It's lacked... depth? If that makes sense. Like, yes, I am a real person and I want to talk about actual things. It's just risky because you always get that person who applies the post to themselves and gets excited/sad/offend/angry/etc.

But that's something I've come to peace with lately. Like, you will always have those people in your life who take something the wrong way. I think the key point is to stop taking responsibility for other people's emotions.

I'm that person who always feels bad if someone doesn't like me, or thinks I don't like them. I once had something happen that taught me this: People will always do what they want to do. You can waste your time trying to convince them differently, but in the end they will still see what they want to see and feel what they want to feel. So it's just a huge waste of time to even go down that road in the first place! 

People are awesome and I love them, but something they can be frustrating. I have found it's easier to just say, "Sorry! I wasn't trying to infer that it's dumb you own a unicorn or anything! I was just saying a unicorn ate my chocolate once so I don't know if I could have one hahaha." And then if that person still wants to believe that you hate their unicorn, then that's their issue! 

Anyway, I think about stuff like this a lot. Like about relationships. I'm always hesitant to write about it here because I never want anyone to think I'm passive aggresively aiming it at them. I'm just going to be a therapist someday and so I love challenging the building blocks of relationships and finding out why certain things work in some relationships and fail in others! 

WOW that was long. Congrats to you if you read it. Maybe I'll be back next week with marriage advice. I promise it will be the opposite of whatever you're thinking it will be right now, but it will also be worth a read hahaha. 

- - - - -

P.S. Katherine, that picture of Skully is for you. 
P.P.S. The title of this post is referring to finally having an oven and having my life completed once again. #bakingaddict


  1. Even though you're just a married baby (we're all married babies, let's be honest) I will be back to read of your marriage advice. Also!! I have been thinking of a really cool(?)/funny photoshoot and you've gotta help me when you come visit! Like, I'm excited about it and I hope no one else has done it before, but that almost seems impossible, ya know? It's so hard to be original even when you think you're original. But yeah, text me about my idea when you've got the time and I'll tell you all about it!

  2. Hahaha I literally was going to comment: HI SKULLY!

    Also, it was really important for me to read that right now. It's so hard not to feel like your responsible for other's emotions, especially when they are close to you, but honestly you're not. They are their own person and they're going to feel however they want. Thank you for sharing. Let's go get doughnuts sometime or something.



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  4. ^ I accidentally tried to comment back on my wrong Blogger profile so it's ok. We're together in this maddness lol


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