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Anniversary Part 2: The One Where We Picnicked With Dead Fish

Thursday, July 2, 2015

We ate breakfast at Eva Bakery! I've been wanting to go here for forever. We actually tried to two years ago for my birthday but went to Eva instead. So, please note there is an Eva and an Eva Bakery. They are on the same street like two blocks apart. I wasn't the biggest fan of my french toast because I'm not a cream cheese person, but I want to go back and try something else because it all looked so good. They also had some fun macarons that were crazy flavors.

Sunday was our actual anniversary so we still wanted to do fun things even though we weren't in Salt Lake anymore. We picnicked at Tibble Fork and explored the other side of the lake! All the good picnic spots were taken, so we just threw our blanket on this dirt slope. I looked down at the water and there were like, three dead fish just staring at me with their dead fish eyes. They were like, no more than five feet away from me :( Not the most ideal, but at least our food was good and cute ha!

I ended up dying while hiking because it was a hundred degrees and we were HIKING. So, we asked Jake's aunt if we could use her pool and it was a blast! The water was so perfect and we had the pool to ourselves and we played horse on makeshift-floatie-horses and it was just awesome. So, shoutout to her for being the best. 

Also, few things have ever made me happier than that glitter macaron. While I was eating them Jake was like, "I get it now. Macarons are a complete experience for you." I was like, "What do you mean?" He said, "Well, you go to a cute shop and pick them out and then get them in cute packaging and take pictures of them and then eat them. It's not just about the macaron, it's about the whole experience." HAHA.

After swimming we ate some pizza and scooter rode to three story park to watch the sunset. All in all, a v good anniversary weekend. I'm really lovin' the whole trips instead of presents thing!

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  1. I'm glad Jake seems to understand the true purpose of macarons. :)

  2. Love Jake's macaron experience epiphany.
    Also, I'm thinking we'll take a little trip for our 5th anniversary sans Gwen!!
    Also also, I don't believe that I've seen many photos of you in jeans/pants.

    1. Yay! Where are you guys going? And I never wear jeans/pants hahaha.

  3. Your anniversary weekend sounds great! I might have to have the 'trips instead of gifts' thing for when I trick someone into marrying me ;) I've never, ever had a macaron but I am dying to have one now! Hopefully I can right this wrong sometime soon :D

    1. WHAT YOU HAVE TO GET ONE. Do they have them in NZ? If not I will send you some :)

  4. such a sweet couple. I adore your pictures! Happy anniversary!


  5. that macaroon box is the cutest little thing!!

  6. awh, sweetest congratulations e & j! your sweet little adventures have me wanting to jet out to slc more and more.
    happy love day!

  7. Jakes comments about macaroons are the most accurate thing I've ever read. Ps don't mind me just blog stalking PPS if you're in salt lake again go to dolcetti gelato on 9th and 9th. Its right by our house and IM ADDICTED. the owners lived in Europe and they make fresh macrons by hand daily and their coconut sticky rice gelato is to die for. I had a large all by myself on monday...


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