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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Granite Flats Hike with Trixie!

Ok first of all, thank you everyone for your nice comments on my last post! It's nice to know that I'm not the only person who thinks that way and feels bummed about bloggers sometimes. Cyber hugs to you all!

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The other day I didn't have work and Jake got home from school early so we decided to go on a hike! We just went up American Fork canyon because it was close. I saw Natalie post about this hike so we decided to go since it didn't look too bad. (Also check her out because she is pregnant and v cute.) We were debating whether or not to bring Trixie and Jake thought we shouldn't because she is so old. Well, we ended up bringing her and she was killin' it! It was her first time in the mountains and she was loving everything. I kept telling Jake that Trixie was doing better than me, because I'm not very athletic (although I'm working on it!). Haha!

So when we gave her the toothbrush she just held it in her mouth like this! It was the funniest thing! 

We found out that Trixie is not a leader. When she was in front she would keep stopping and looking back to make sure we were still following her. 

Her Greenies! They are grain free and help her teeth! She loves them so much. Also, they look like toothbrushes so that makes them awesome. You can buy them here

It was a very fun day indeed! And special thanks to Chewy for providing Trixie with delicious treats every month! We always joke about how spoiled Trixie is. I mean, my dog is sponsored?! Haha. When I told my mom she literally didn't understand what was happening. She was like, "Why is she getting treats?" And I was like, "Because! She is cute and people love her!" And now my mom tells people all the time about it because she thinks it is so funny that everyone loves Trixie. 

She deserves to be sponsored though! She is the freakin' best dog in the entire world. Thanks again Chewy! You have made Trixie's life better. :)

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

ask me anything

I just made an ask.fm! So if you want to ask me anything go there and I'll answer!

The link is on my sidebar. Just click "ask me anything". Or click here.

Monday, May 25, 2015

A Happy List: 67

Getting two free "eats" at my job every day. / Getting a new outfit for our anniversary pictures and feeling very "Blair Waldorf" about it. / Going through all my old clothes and seriously getting rid of half the things I have. I am going to be putting them up for sale bidding style here. But I am not setting the bid at anything, so you can bid like $1 and get it haha. So, go follow that if you want to snag some deals. / When the Dawson's Creek theme song came on at my work. / My mom getting the house sprayed for bugs at last! / Having my first book club meeting with Riley. So much fun! If you want to come to the next one we will be reading The Four Agreements and meeting sometime in June. We'll post about it in the Friends IRL group and if you need the link to that let me know. / Doing more creative photography. / Chatting with cashiers. / When I walked by the front door and saw Trixie had somehow gotten out of the backyard, but instead of running around the neighborhood she just came to the front porch and took a nap. / Cucumber and hummus jammers. 

- - - - -

Here are some funny things people said this week.

Me: "We have so much candy and I don't want any of it."
Jake: "Emmy, don't talk to our candy like that."

Me: "Gosh, I'm so obsessed with you right now for some reason."
Jake: "Oh, really? Wait... are you talking to me or Trixie?"

I wear bralettes around the house because it is SO DANG HOT EVERYWHERE. So, my mom's friend came to the door and I told my mom to get the door. She told me it was just someone picking her up and I would be fine/wouldn't need to go put a sweater on. Well, they were talking about getting a pen and my mom has one of those houses where you're trapped from your room unless you want to run across the entry way to get there. So, I hurried and threw on Jake's jacket and pretended to be casually looking for food in the pantry, since there was no where I could go without them seeing me. My mom walks in and is like, "Sorry, Emmy's not quite dressed." HAHAHAHA.

J: "I owe you and your mom at least one day a week of cleaning." *proceeds to clean entire house* BEST HUSBAND

J: "I never know what Trixie likes and doesn't like to be honest."

My sister: "Did you see who was at the door?"
Me: "Ah! No! Don't open it!"
My sister: "Should I?"
Me: "No!"
My sister goes to open the door but quickly grabs a pen as a weapon before. It turned out it was someone she knew and we lol-ed that her instinct was to grab a pen haha!

Me: "What's better, the chocolate chip cookie or the dirt ball?"
Employee: "The dirtball."
Me: "Is it really? Are you just saying that because you have to?"
Employee: "Well, I work here. So, I think I would know."

Me: "J! I lost another pound!"
J: "Did you? We better get you some dessert so you can gain that back!"

- - - - -

Here are some internet things to make you happy! How cool is this iron fish? It's such a good idea! Also, I was telling J about this and he was so confused and said, "So, it's a live fish you breed?" haha. / Ok baby giraffe, you win at being the cutest sleeper. / Jake, are you ready to build one of these and travel the world with me? / How neato is this tape art? / OBSESSED WITH THIS BABY FOX.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Love of Mine

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sunday Drive

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Last Day At BYU

On my last day at BYU we... 

finished our last tests!

We ate celebratory treats...

(and maybe I ate a macaron AND a mint brownie, because everyone knows how good BYU's mint brownies are.)

Lastly, Jake tried to look as Zoob-like as possible in BYU attire and cheesy smiles eating in the cafeteria.

- - - - -

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Food Things Lately

Ok I'm cramming all these pictures into one post! 

First restaurant: Sixth and Pine. I don't know if any of you read Willivia, but she talks about their sweet potato fries ALL THE TIME. Every time I read about them they sound so dang good. Needless to say, they have been on my list for quite a while and I finally tried them! They were DEFINITELY worth the hype!! That sauce is so good! We got a piece of chocolate cake and it was ok. Honestly, I don't think any chocolate cake will ever be better than The Great Wall of Chocolate at PF Changs. 

My mom made us stop at Deseret Book so she could get a bag of candy haha!

Ok, next restaurant: Blue Lemon. I heard their mac and cheese was good. (I actually think it was from Willivia again haha.) I've been here a lot and usually get the hummus plate because it's amazing. So, this time I decided to get a mac and cheese kids meal. The mac and cheese was super good! Not as good as Noodle's and Company, but still pretty dang good. It wasn't as hot and steamy (?) as I wanted it to be, but it was still v delish! 

Last restaurant: Brunch at the Harvest Restaurant! They have brunch twice every year. One is for Easter and the other is for mother's day. My grandma was in town this mother's day, so we all went to brunch and it was so delicious! They had all sorts of fruit, cheese, eggs benedict, ham, bacon, yogurt, granola, salads, vegetables, and desserts! It was amazing. I obviously forgot to take a picture of my dessert plate because I scarfed that sucker down the minute it touched the table. Anyway, I want to make this mother's day brunch a tradition, because it was so much fun to sit down and chat over brunch instead of just opening some presents and being done with it. Honestly, sometimes I feel like all the different holidays with all the different presents make it so we can bond as much as a family ha! Like, I feel like we get together with either side and open presents, and then we have to go to the other side and do the same thing and then we go home. It just doesn't leave a lot of room for games, or group conversations, or other bonding things like that. So, I would definitely love to do something like this brunch as a present and just be able to chat and hang out for an hour or two. 

Yay for food! I am determined to go everywhere on our list before we move. I believe we can do it!!

- - - - -

Monday, May 18, 2015

A Happy List: 66 + moving announcement

Seeing so many people I know at the chocolate shop! My first customer was someone who went to my high school! Ha! / Realizing how certain roads in Utah are so beautiful to drive down, like driving east on Timpanogos Highway or driving south on 900 east. / The way all the green trees and grass looks during golden hour. / The lady walking by me complimenting my hair. / I was cleaning the doors at work and one of the three songs I have on my "I'm awesome" playlist came on! That playlist always makes me feel invincible. / Sitting by the front room windows while it was pouring rain outside. / My inlaws visiting me at work! So fun! / Auntie Anne's lemonade. SO GOOD. / Finally nailing down a budget and having it be somewhat realistic. / And lastly, finding out I got into Fordham! I am deferring my admission to serve with Americorps VISTA. So, in August of 2016 we will be packing our bags and moving to New York City. Such a dream come true! I am going to be attending Fordham's Master's of Social Work program and I'm so excited! I'm also very excited to finally meet my long time blog friend Autumn in person! 

- - - - -

Here are some funny things that were said this week.

Jake: "Should we go to the exciting, new Taco Bell this time?" (This very accurately sums up our life.)

Jake: "Nobody puts bb in a basement." 

Jake: "I don't trust that white cat."

- - - - -

- - - - -

A VERY GOOD WEEK INDEED. I am so over the moon that I actually got into grad school and that we will be moving to NYC. I have wanted to move there for sooooo long and now that it's actually happening I can't contain my excitement!! Yay! Also, I'm happy that I was able to choose a grad school that has a good MSW program but that also won't put us in a super unreasonable debt. I struggled with deciding about how much to spend for quite a while, so I'm glad I got that figured out. Life is very good for us over here. We have now eliminated like, 10 variables and can actually formulate a pretty good plan for our future. Yay for plans! Now, I just have to figure out how to wait a year and 3 months to move to New York and not go stir crazy! 

- - - - -

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Random Things

When I cleared out my phone alllll these pictures were on it. So many randoms. Anyway, here are the ones I decided to keep and put in my archives!

There is the best walking trail by our house! Summer sunset walks are the best. 

Kneader's to celebrate my first adult job that I don't start until August! Yay! (Also, vegetarians: that avocado sandwich on focaccia bread is the BEST.)

My cute friend Beverly drew this of me. She is talented! 

Us at the first of manyyyyyyyy weddings we have this summer. Not to mention bridal showers/baby showers! It's insane! But also insanely fun!

I tried to make zucchini and I ended up feeling like I had sauteed all the nutrients out haha. Oh well, it was still good. 

Watching the fight of the century!

Ah my car. I hate driving, but when the top is down and the sun is out and Jake is driving for me, I gain an appreciation for cars/driving places.

These energy bites! So good. They basically just taste like cookies? Really... I am going to make them again and try using unsweetened coconut flakes and something other than honey? Maybe agave or something? I don't know... I just feel like they have too much sweetness in them!

Ok, so lately this has been our go to dinner. I need to mention this is big for us because we rarely eat "real dinner" haha. Anyway, so rice, tofu rolled in corn meal and cornstarch and then sauteed with a little bit of coconut oil, sauteed veggies (we like onions and red pepepr), and then I like this as a topping and Jake likes this. So fast and delish! 

I made these for my primary kiddos lol. Here's what they were supposed to look like. 


And lastly, Autumn is the cutest pen pal in the world! Thanks girlie! Love getting your notes! 

- - - - -