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I Have Friends!!!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Lol at the title of this post. I always joke that Trixie and Jake are my only friends, but I really do have others I guess. 

A Friends IRL event finally happened! We went to 180 Tacos. I got the falafel tacos and they were pretty delish. I really want to try the tofu tacos next time. I might drag Jake here with me the day we celebrate my never having to step foot on BYU Provo campus. I want to try their little donuts I keep hearing about.

We then explored the colored walls in Provo. So, enjoy those awkward pictures of me. Can you tell that I am definitely not a fashion blogger? Actually almost everything I am wearing in those pictures is a hand-me-down from my sister. Thanks, Ash. 

Oh, but look how cute me and Riley are in our first friend picture. Yay first friend pictures! I feel like I have been reading her blog 4ever. Also, I feel like we have done many random, awkward blogging things together. So, that's always a bonding experience. This picture is actually authentic but I'm not sure I want to announce on the internets what we were lol-ing about haha. #politcallycorrect.

We went to get treats at Enliten Bakery afterwards! (McKenzie, is it "afterward or afterwards"?) Ok. So, I have been to Eliten Bakery many a times. Their cake balls are very good and also very adorable. Their chocolate covered macaroons are also very good. Their hot chocolate is decent. BUT OMG THIS CHOCOLATE CROISSANT WAS HEAVEN. Like, it was seriously soooo good. I also got a chocolate chip cookie, because apparently I can't go to bakeries these days without getting two pastries haha. It was okay, but I would rather make Love Taza's chocolate chip cookie recipe at home, because that recipe makes 100% the best cookies in the world. But anyway, make sure you add Enliten Bakerie's chocolate croissant to your Utah bucket list. Have them warm it up for you!

Thaks for meeting up Riley and Mindy! Twas a v fun time. 

- - - - -

P.S. I have a BYU rant that I want to put somewhere haha. UGH. I have so many problems with the testing center. 

First they made me pay $20 for a calculator that I accidentally took out of the testing center, without calling to tell me I had a certain amount of time to return it. And they didn't even let me keep it. And it was one of those dollar ones from Wal-Mart. UGH. 

Then they didn't have my American Heritage test I spent days studying for. Then they made me go all the way up to Salt Lake to take the American Heritage test when they finally did have it. UGH. 

Now they "ran out of my test" that I had to take for my internship. They didn't know when they would have it back in. I asked them to call me when it gets in so I don't drive all the way down there again for nothing, and I think they were kind of annoyed. But, I think that if you say you are going to have a test, and if people believe you and take the time out of their day to drive to you and prepare for it, and you don't have it? The least you can do is call them when you do so they don't waste their time again haha. So, I have to set aside another 2 hours of my life tomorrow to drive down to Provo to take it haha. It expires tomorrow, so cross your fingers they have it!

Ah, the struggle is real with the testing center, guys. I have the WORST luck there. I honestly don't hear anything bad about it (aside from turning people away for beards or wearing clothing that isn't allowed) so it's so weird that I have had this many unfortunate experiences with them. Thank the heavens I am almost done and won't have to go there again haha!!


  1. I had to think what we were laughing about and then I was like "oh yeahhh I made an inappropriate joke!" hahaha my bad but the picture turned out cutezies. I love this whole post! So many random awkward blog things, so many. Thanks for being my friend IRL!

    1. Inappropriate but funny haha. And thanks for being my friend IRL! Many fun adventures to come :)

  2. Yay for IRL meet ups! I'm having a IRL bench meet up at my house next week and I can't wait!

  3. as a testing center employee, i can tell you it's frustrating on both sides. a lot of the times professors don't send enough copies or turn in their tests on time, and it makes us look like bad guys! promise we're not evil!

    i wish i could have gone to the friends event, stupid internship meeting! but i was super excited to see your pictures from it :)

    xo, k

    1. Ah professors! Haha I actually went back and they still didn't have it. So I ended up just emailing my professor. So let's hope it works out! And I wish you could have come too! You should post in the group next time you are wanting to go adventure!

    2. it will totally work out! that's such a bummer! oh yeahhhhh i will! :)

  4. I think everyone has struggles with the testing center. I went to BYU-I and as much as I loved it there the testing center was death and the people were crazy. The end.

  5. you are so cute, your dress & shoes are peeeeeeerfect!


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