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Another outing with T-Ricky

Saturday, April 11, 2015

First of all, sorry for the iPhone pictures. 
Second of all, look how cute Trixie is. We went to my sister's house for dinner the other day and decided to bring Trixie after our fun donut outing. 

She usually shivers in the car, but she fells asleep on the way over! Haha!!

Trixie and Max reunited. Isn't this the most dweeb picture? Lol. Trixie's face FTW. (Side note: My father-in-law used to think FTW meant f*** the world haha! Needless to say he thought I was pretty hardcore for a while lol.)

Jake fell asleep on my shoulder. QT!

Then he woke up and snuggled with Trixie. She had her head on his chest haha. 

More adventures to come, little T.

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