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An Entire Post Dedicated To Food

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Are you surprised? I am not. Food is so good. I literally can't even imagine how people could not be "foodies". You know? Those people who are just like, "Oh, I just eat whatever. It doesn't matter." LIKE HOW CAN IT NOT MATTER. IT MATTERS SO MUCH.

UGH. The struggle. Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures of food that have been sitting on my computer. First up, Cubby's. The only reason I know of Cubby's is because my mom is obsessed with their salad bowls and made me go with her to this creepy warehouse to look for them. We drove 45 minutes up to Salt Lake to get to the store. We were literally in there for like an hour and a half and we didn't even find the bowls. (Turns out she found them later, on another outing to the store.)

SO. That was my introduction to Cubby's. It makes people obsessed with their salad bowls lol.

I honestly can't remember much about the first time we went other than eating allllll the fries. They have rosemary on them and are seriously so delicious. They were much like the fries we got at Eva's for my birthday dinner two years ago, except much closer than Salt Lake. I would go there for the fries alone.

I made some raspberry sticky buns that were delicious!! I accidentally rolled the log the wrong way, haha. But, they still turned out pretty well. 

We went back to Cubby's literally the next weekend. We both got salads in the much-talked-about salad bowls. SO GOOD. It's been ages since I've gotten a salad somewhere haha. Also, this time we tried the sweet potato fries that were ALSO VERY GOOD. I'm a fry person, what can I say.

This is the scone from Normandie's with a chai tea latte (buy caffeine-free Oregon Chai and mix it with equal parts milk and you're ready to go)! Best combination and best breakfast! You really must try one of their scones if you haven't already. Your life will change forever.

Pudding! My mom had doilies? So that was weird but made it v cute. Also, if you can tell me where that red tray is from then you win. (Hint: It's from a food place, not a store.)

Lastly, Gandolfo's! After my niece was born I ran over to grab a sandwich for my brother-in-law. My mom and I ate there too. I'm pretty sure the employee thought I just got a second sandwich for myself. HAHA. I got the Riverhead breakfast sandwich and it was 10/10. I love love egg breakfast sandwiches. I want to go back and try the East Village one of these days!

Really, trying new food places is one of the my favorite things to do! I have so many places left on my list, but I am excited to go through them all and find all the best places to eat in Utah!

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  1. Oh man, this has made me so hungry. I'm totally with you; I don't get it when people say they 'eat because they have to' - WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!? Food is immense and just the best. ever. ever.

    Egg sandwiches of any variety are the bomb.

    Abby | Eärendil

  2. It is a good thing it is almost lunch time because now I'm hungry!! They all look so yummy!

    1. They were! You've got quite the variety to choose from in Seattle!

  3. Now I feel like I have to go back to Cubby's and try their salads!

  4. HAHAHA! The first paragraph of this post = LOL because I'm TOTALLY one of those people who are NOT into food. But I don't just eat whatever. I'm way too picky for that.


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