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a happy list: 60

Monday, April 6, 2015

Making at home a├žai bowls! (Recipes welcome.) / Finally making the decision of what to do over Christmas... we are going to Cabo! / The remote falling and my newborn niece jumping from fright haha. / I was at a red light in realllllly slow traffic. I was picking my split ends and looked over to the car next to me... the girl was picking her split ends too lol! / Mila live tweeting me her stalking moments while reading through my old archives from high school. / Seeing my niece be born. The miracle of life! / Participating in my first photography collaboration! / WatchinG The Village again for the first time since 5th grade. It was better as an adult! / Trixie's constant teeth chattering. / REESE'S EGGS. Oh my gosh. If these are in front of me I eat them all. I'm not even kidding. I ate two on Tuesday, and two yesterday, and one today! Aka I ate all of them except for the one I gave to J!

- - - - -

Here are some funny things people said this week...
(We took Trixie with us to get some donuts. She threw up in her mouth. There was one donut left.) 
Me: "Should we give it to The Tick?"
J: "Nah, she doesn't deserve it with her burp mouth."

Me: "J come hug me."
My mom: "Emmy. He's busy."
(J in background putting the lid on a bottle of Dr. Pepper.)

- - - - -

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  1. Haha chance took ALL my Reese's eggs out of my basket, and he had more than I did to begin with! Hahah!

  2. Oh cool! You saw a live birth!!
    Also, yessss The Village!! We watched that when it was first released on Netflix instant. So so good. And how romantic was that one scene with Joaquin Phoenix? Ya know? Where they're outside on the porch and they decide to get married. #otp
    Also also, I think Ryan is only going to end up with one Reese's egg, too. I had two today! You snooze, you lose.

    1. Yes I've seen all her kids!
      UM OK RIGHT. The whole time I was like, "This is so cute!" I didn't like him until I saw him in The Village again as an adult haha. I was kind of mad they Disney-channeled the kiss though. I love when they build up to it and then show it, so I was sad we didn't get to see it haha.
      And yes, you eat allll those Reese's Eggs!! Jake's was sitting in the pantry for like 4 days and finally I asked about it and he gave it to me lol. #noshame

  3. OMG I WOULD TOTALLY MODEL THAT SHOOT FOR YOU! But I live in DC. We can do it through Skype? HAHAHA!

    But really.


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