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Thursday, April 30, 2015

San Francisco: Day 2

This fellow snuck into our room during the 10 seconds the door was open. See? V cute kitties. 

We had breakfast at Flour and Co. The prezel sandwich was sooo good. However, I learned I'm not a fan of kale haha. They had an "iced chocolate" that was like iced chocolate milk, except they make their own chocolate. It was beyond divine. 

I loved this piece!

We explored the area around Golden Gate Bridge. 

And yes, my bangs did look like this the whole time. Ha, I should have brough a hat. Oh well!

A selfie stick selfie!

We then walked around the pier by Ghirardelli Square. Pre-burning calories, ya know. Haha. 


My husband is a model. And very couture.

WARM COOKIES SUNDAE. Thank you, Well Traveled Wife. This was my favorite thing I ate the entire trip. 

We rode a cable car next! Those views are spectacular. I didn't know San Francisco was such a hilly city. 

We walked around Japantown for a little while. Leah posted about Belly Good a whle ago on her blog, and I knew we had to go there. Isn't that the cutest crepe you've ever seen? And I know, my bangs look sick and greasy. That's literally what they look like in all these pictures, so... haha. 

We ended the night with some authentic ramen at Ramen Yamadaya. Jake talks about the ramen in Japan all the time, so he was really excited to be eating something somewhat close to that haha.

A very good day indeed!

- - - - -

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

San Francisco: Day 1

Here are some pictures from our first day of our trip! We flew through Provo airport for DIRT CHEAP. Seriously, check flights there if you're wanting to go to L.A., San Francisco, or Mesa. We probably won't bring a suitcase next time, because they charge extra. Still, it was a way good deal. We ended up doing this whole trip for under $500!

We stayed with Leah, who has been on this blog many times before! They just moved out there a few months ago after living here for a while! I miss her and our blog hang outs, but they do have a cute little set up over there complete with two adorable kitties. I'm not a super cat person, but I do love playing with other people's kittens!

First stop: La Boulange. 5 out of 5! 

Second stop: Sift. The whoopie was too good. We'll definitely be recreating it at home. Also, my sprinkle macaron was the cutest. 

After charging my phone at Starbuck's (we went to 3 that day!) we walked to Lover's Lane and explored San Francisco along the way. My favorite stop was Alta Plaza park. So many cute puppies. 

Jakey baker on baker road! Ha! 

 We walked the logs at Lover's Lane.

We walked from Lover's Lane to the Palace of Fine Arts. We stopped at Starbuck's #2 for some water and the barista taught me a life lesson. "Yes, you can get a water. Remember, every restaurant is required by law to serve free water." Nice to know! I've definitely been charged some places!

Pit stop at a pretty pond with a waterfall. 

The palace! Jake was obsessed with this place. He said it is now in his top 10 of coolest places he's seen. 

We walked around the park and enjoyed the views. 

We found a bench with a view! Jake enjoyed falling asleep for a good fifteen minutes, and I enjoyed watching all the people walking their dogs.

The apartments by the Palace are amazing! We loved walking to Starbuck's #3 and looking at all the pretty colored houses. 

I charged my phone at Starbuck's #3 and we had a nice chat with an older man wearing a matching sweater and tie. He was pleasant and claimed to only use his phone for reading journal articles. We then caught a bus and met Leah and her husband for dinner and a show! I can't remember where we ate dinner, but we had ice cream at Bi-Rite afterward and it was DELICIOUS. I will now be on the hunt for honey lavendar ice cream anywhere I go. 

Leah and her husband had 2 extra tickets for a concert that they had bought a year ago, so it worked out nicely! It was 21+ so I finally got to put my new age of 21 to good use! 

All in all, it was a good first day! Special thanks to Leah and her husband for their hospitality! It was too much fun and I can't wait to share the rest of our adventure! And then next year when me and Jake move somewhere cool, Leah and her husband can come visit us! Yay for friends in real life! :)

- - - - -