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the world's most spoiled dog

Friday, March 13, 2015

Ok, so Trixie seriously is the most spoiled dog of all time. I'm not even kidding! I got an email from Chewy asking if Trixie wanted to try their dog treats. So, now Trixie is getting treats delivered right to her doorstep. I don't even have treats delivered to my doorstep! Ha! 

But in reality, taking pictures of Trixie is one of my favorite things to do. I am obsessed with her and she is so kind. She like, does whatever I want her to do and doesn't even care (usually). As a result of my intense boredom with life currently and also intense senioritis, I decided to do a fancy dinner photoshoot with her. Weirdly enough my mom and Jake didn't even think anything was that out of the norm when I set Trixie a place at the table haha. Is that a problem? Who knows. 

I love cute food. I am excited to have little kids so I can make them cute birthday cakes and stuff all the time. They better appreciate it haha!

I also love this picture because it looks like she is smiling.

She is just like, patiently waiting for her plate to be cleared. Such a well-mannered pup, that one.

They also sent her this little chew toy, but she is so old she doesn't really play with anything. She layed down and went to sleep and we propped her head on it like a little pillow. It was seriously the cutest thing because she just stayed like that!

Anyway, she really is the most spoiled pup. She's a cutie though, so she deserves it.

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