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stan's diner

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ok, so Stan's has been on my Utah bucket list FOREVER. I was supposed to take a test on Tuesday, but the testing center straight up didn't have it. The girl was like, "I don't know what to tell you." I emailed my professor and he luckily extended the dealine at the Salt Lake Center so I just took it the next day.

I had an hour in Provo to kill though and luckily Jake was still on campus! So, we finally made Stan's a reality. 

Ok so excuse me while I obsess over how classic it looks. Like, it's legit straight out of the 50's. Also, have you heard of fry sauce? The "Utah" thing? Ok, well it's basically ketchup and mayo mixed together and it's DELICIOUS. It was apparently invented here? They have like a little plaque talking about how it's the birthplace of fry sauce haha. I'm glad I unknowingly visited my favorite sauce's birth mother. 

WE LOVED IT. The food was so good and like pretty decently priced. We only spent $11! Also, they have veggie burgers with the GOOD veggie patties. So, win win. 

LOL because we looked so classy. Jake had just given a presentation so he had to dress up, and I just dressed up because I felt like it. The little lady in the background stopped me and told me "You look so classy in your outfit!!" Oh, and also there was a cute little elderly man sitting with her who was eating an ice cream cone. He came over to us and said, "You two look so happy!" and then proceeded to talk to us for a few minutes. Well, turns out he is STAN. Like, the Stan in Stan's Drive-in haha. He was literally the cutest and just chatted with us about life. I love elderly people!

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  1. Oh my gosh, you met a celebrity!! And that is heck cute. Old men with ice cream cones!
    I need fries now....

    1. Ok aren't old people eating ice cream cones just so cute? It's such a little kid thing to do, I love when they do it haha.

  2. Totally that makes me so happy the Stan is still around and hangs out at his own place. Now that is legit. Gotta go there!

  3. This place look awesome! And I'm happy for you that something that could be really stressful (not being able to take your test!?) actually turned into something really fun and special. :)

  4. This place looks so good, I'm going to have to try it! Lol, I love fry sauce too.

  5. For some reason I thought Arctic Circle invented fry sauce? But now that I say it out loud it sounds reallllly wrong. haha

    1. It used to be an Arctic Circle!!! That's what it was before he bought it, so maybe you're right?


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