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normandie bakery and cafe

Friday, March 27, 2015

Do you ever write down somewhere that you want to go, but you forget to write down why you want to go there? HA. Well, that's basically what I did with this place. I just had "Normandie" writen down without any recommendations. Needless to say I was a fool in there. I couldn't see the pastries and the girl was like, "They are right here..." Then when I was checking out she asked me if I wanted my receipt and I said, "No" but then reached for it? Who even knows. V awkward experience though. I'm sure when I left they were talking about my foolish ways. 

BUT I DON'T EVEN CARE BECAUSE IT WAS DELICIOUS. I didn't stay there and dine, because I was by myself. But, I really want to go back and brunch when my grandma is here! 

Anyway, this is an almond croissant. I am not holding it up to the camera. It is sitting on my lap. It is literally that big. Only $2.50? DEAL. 

(Can we please talk about Starbuck's almond croissants for a second? Like what the eff are they? They look like little pies, and nothing like this one. #starbuck'sprobs)

I got another pastry because who gets just one pastry? Blueberry scone, yo. I just ate it for breakfast (like the day after I got it) and it was DELICOUS. Literally the best scone I've ever had. Do you know how sometimes when you bite into a scone you're like, "Wait, is this just a lump of dry flour or?" Ok. Well, this sucker was like, completely soft and MOIST. Don't you just love the visual that word gives you?

I love when the places on my list are actually good! I've feel like I've been hitting jackpot lately! 

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  1. Haha yes, everything about this post is my favorite. And those look DELISH.

    1. Really so good! You and Nathan should give it a whirl!

  2. My mind is blown at the size of that freaaaaaking pastry.

  3. Moist and ointment are one-seeds for worst words ever. THANKS A LOT FOR THAT VISUAL. GOSH!

    In other news: I'm not starving. Unfortunately pastries don't make for good pre-gym sesh chow. UGHHHHHHHHHHHWHYAREYOUDOINGTHISTOMEEEE?!

    1. Well props for going to the gym though. I haven't stepped foot in a gym in my entire life. So, #killingit.


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