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joshua james!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

So I've decided that Velour is the coolest venue. I've also decided that it's totally, 100% geared towards folk/indie/alternative/hipster musicians. Can you picture a scremo band performing there? Because I can not.

We waited in a forever long line and there were all these teenagers behind us being really annoying. Sometimes I don't feel like an adult, but then whenever I am around actual teenagers I'm like, "Ah. Yes... I am 21." I apologize to all the people I annoyed when I was a teenager! I guess it's just a rite of passage or something to be annoying. 

Anyway, Joshua James is amazing and you need to discover him if you haven't already. He looks exactly like Jared Leto, also. Like, he came into Starbuck's one time when I was working there and I literally thought Jared Leto was in our store. I asked my co-worker if she knew who Jared Leto was and if that was him, and she was like, "Oh! His name starts with a J, but I don't remember it. And I think he actually is a musician!" So, I was convinced but alas. Not Jared Leto. Just a doppleganger. I wonder if we all have dopplegangers like they do in Vampire Diaries. Natalie is my apparent doppleganger. People would comment allllllll the time on it when I was in high school. "Are you Natalie's little sister?" Or, "Hi, Natalie! Wait..."

I guess I'm mainly just procrastinating my school work. But guess what? Here's what tests I have left until graduation:
- exercise science final (1)
- social work midterm and final (2) 
- american heritage midterm and final (2)

LIKE 5 TESTS LEFT. I'm so close, you guys! Freedom is in view!! I have been making a list of all the things I want to do once I graduate and let me tell ya, it is going to be a v productive week or so. I'm just going to be cleaning, organizing, baking, and reading. The life!!

- - - - -

P.S. If you're not in the Friends IRL Facebook group: I am hosting another tea party at Dear Lizzie on April 18th at noon. If you would like to come please send me an email! It's $20 per person and you get tea, tea sandwiches, tiny scones, and tiny dessert cookies. It's the cutest thing you will ever do. Garaunteed. 


  1. I love the Velour! I haven't been in forever, but I use to love going when I lived in SLC.

    1. oh my. yes. you need to go again and experience the loveliness! jealous you lived in slc! such a neat city :)

  2. Hahaha your comment about being 21 could not be more true! I cringe thinking about how annoying I was during my teenage years. Happy to have moved on from that!

  3. Wishing I could come to all the tea parties!

  4. Ahhhh yayyyyy! SO CLOOOOOSE!

    I have three classes left...but my school is on a weird rolling schedule with condensed courses so even though I took like, 17 credits this semester (my final semester!), I haven't taken more than 3 or so classes at a time. One more final in my gender class, a midterm and final in sociology of family and then my capstone course.

    May 10th is my big date...LESS THAN TWO MONTHS!

    1. ah you are so close! congrats!! freedom awaits!


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