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a happy list: 55

Monday, March 9, 2015

I put Trixie on the piano bench, because I wanted her to have a cushy place to lay down but still be in the same room as me (haha). She started to lay down and her hind legs started falling off the back! She was facing me and had this little look of panic in her and started clawing the piano bench with her front legs. It was seriously the funniest thing. The fall isn't far AT ALL, like she can sit on her little bum and her hands can touch the seat of the piano bench. So, no idea why she was so dramatic, but it was my favorite thing that I've seen. / The snow storm on Tuesday! / Booking tickets to San Francisco! Thanks again Leah! / Bagel sandwiches yesterday morning. It's been too long. / Cute snail mail from Autumn. / Jake cleaned practically the whole house. Deep clean, too! He's a keeper. / People watching at Velour. / Talking about future moving plans! / Catching up on Pretty Little Liars... Are they ever going to tell us who "A" is or are they just going to keep tricking us? / Stephen King's tweets. Always.

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Jake: "Trixtin Bieber." (Justin Bieber + Trixie?)

My mom: "I really don't have time to get milk!"

Me: "See! This one is a good song, I think."
My mom: (from the other room) "You just love Justin Bieber!!!! You always have!!!!" (This was my first time listening to him haha)

- - - - -

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The shirt I am wearing in the gif is my new fave! A giveaway for shop credit is coming later this week so keep your eye peeled. O_o

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  1. These happy lists make me happy. It was a super fun interview. Alsooo no, they'll never tell you who A is. Seriously. You know, I have a massive love/hate relationship with this show. I can't miss an episode but I get so mad when they give high hopes for a reveal and then it's something super not surprising or a really weird plot twist. Supposedly there will be one in a couple of episodes. WE'LL SEE. That's why I had to comment. Lol
    Cute shirt, cute dog, and all that other stuff, have a good week c:

    1. Same exact! Ugh. We need to start a PLL support group or something where we can talk about our feelings after they let us down. Ha!

  2. Always the cutest ever. Also, your logo is absolutely perfect.
    xo Kar


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  4. Haha, I can picture the cute, panicked, look on Trixie's face. San Fransisco is so much fun! Make sure to go to Fisherman's Warf. It has gear shopping, yummy seafood, and Ghirardelli Square. Oh, and the Japanese Flower Gardens are fun to visit too. I got some fun pictures of the koi there.


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