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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

date night: bona vita and neptune park!

Yay date night! Such a rarity! Does anyone else dream of doing a date night on a night other than Friday or Saturday/once a week? Literally the only time we can get out and do something fun is on Friday or Saturday night! Oh well. There will be a day when we won't have school and then we can do fun things every night... right? (Graduated married friends please tell me this will one day be a reality.)

This week Friday night was our free night, so we went to Bona Vita! V trendy, that place. 

Mazzo pizza! We decided afterwards that we could probably have shared a pizza, but oh well. Also, I am very into thin pizza lately, so this was spot on. I seriously love trying new restaurants so much! I don't know why it's so fun, but it really is. 

I wore this shirt 3/7 days last week. Also I finally got a hat and am wondering why I didn't get one sooner. Also, I could finally afford a Lifeproof phone case (thanks Amazon book trade-in) so now my phone has the potential to last 50 years. Which is good news, considering how much I drop it.

ALSO THESE ARE THE BATHROOMS AT THE TRAVERSE MOUNTAIN OUTLETS. If you don't know me in real life, I have "things" with public restrooms. Like, I could talk about all the reasons why I hate them for an hour, probably. These bathrooms are so perfect though. Like, they are fancier than any apartment I will ever own most likely. THE SOAP LOOKS LIKE LIQUID SILVER, YOU GUYS. I just really loved them. They even had a baby chair for toddlers to sit in next to the adult chairs in the waiting room. 

We went to Neptune Park after dinner to cross another place off of our Utah list! It was weirdly RIGHT next to where I used to work. To think, all those times I was so close to a place I was dying to go. Anyway, we went there at like 9:00 p.m. and it was PACKED (?!). It's probably like every 10 year-old's dream though. This picture is us at the top of the giant pyramid (click for reference)! It was actually kind of scary, haha.

Yay for crossing things off our list! I've started my paper chain and it's so exciting to rip off a link every morning right after I wake up. I feel like we really will be moving before we know it! Once we hit less than 1 year left things will get really exciting. I feel like I talk about this so much, but I am just really excited to experience something other than Utah! It will be such a fun adventure (hopefully) and I am pumpppppped! 

- - - - - 

Monday, March 30, 2015

a happy list: 59

Shooting a stylized shoot with my cute friend Aubrey / Finishing all the assignments for my Exercise Science class! / Getting places marked off of my Utah travel page! / Discovering the most delicious chai concentrate for chai tea lattes. / HEROES. We are so into it right now. / Planning our trip to Albuquerque to see my grandparents and to go to the alien festival. / Getting a NUME curling iron for $41 instead of $141. / Trixie cuddling with me on the rocking chair while I do homework. / Jake was poking my hand underneath the covers, trying to find out what part of my body it was. I grabbed his poking finger really quick and it scared him so bad! LOL! / Finding out the Pac-Sun at the University Mall sells Brandy Melville.

- - - - - -

I really didn't keep track of many funny things people said, or cool things on the internet. I've been not really into internet things because I'm getting so close to being done with school! Here's what I have left. 

Exercise Science: a test and a project.
Social Work: the midterm and final.
Painting: 3 at home paintings and 2 in class.
American Heritage: final exam, written assignment, and extra credit papers.
Internship: work log, final exam.

THAT'S IT. I've already finished my Public Speaking class and Sociology class. So, the end is near! I applied to work at Jet Blue and am really hoping I get it. I did my application over a weird time period, so I'm not sure if it's still in their database. I emailed them though, so hopefully it's still there! It would be such a fun job!

Also, I've been planning and doing more styled/artistic shoots like I used to (please let me know about any model friends you have). It's scary to put yourself and your art out there, but it's always so rewarding when someone chooses you to capture their moments! So confidence boosting, too I think. Especially when it's a stranger because you know they aren't just hiring you to be nice haha. Anyways, so hopefully that keeps up!

- - - - -

Friday, March 27, 2015

normandie bakery and cafe

Do you ever write down somewhere that you want to go, but you forget to write down why you want to go there? HA. Well, that's basically what I did with this place. I just had "Normandie" writen down without any recommendations. Needless to say I was a fool in there. I couldn't see the pastries and the girl was like, "They are right here..." Then when I was checking out she asked me if I wanted my receipt and I said, "No" but then reached for it? Who even knows. V awkward experience though. I'm sure when I left they were talking about my foolish ways. 

BUT I DON'T EVEN CARE BECAUSE IT WAS DELICIOUS. I didn't stay there and dine, because I was by myself. But, I really want to go back and brunch when my grandma is here! 

Anyway, this is an almond croissant. I am not holding it up to the camera. It is sitting on my lap. It is literally that big. Only $2.50? DEAL. 

(Can we please talk about Starbuck's almond croissants for a second? Like what the eff are they? They look like little pies, and nothing like this one. #starbuck'sprobs)

I got another pastry because who gets just one pastry? Blueberry scone, yo. I just ate it for breakfast (like the day after I got it) and it was DELICOUS. Literally the best scone I've ever had. Do you know how sometimes when you bite into a scone you're like, "Wait, is this just a lump of dry flour or?" Ok. Well, this sucker was like, completely soft and MOIST. Don't you just love the visual that word gives you?

I love when the places on my list are actually good! I've feel like I've been hitting jackpot lately! 

- - - - -

Thursday, March 26, 2015

stan's diner

Ok, so Stan's has been on my Utah bucket list FOREVER. I was supposed to take a test on Tuesday, but the testing center straight up didn't have it. The girl was like, "I don't know what to tell you." I emailed my professor and he luckily extended the dealine at the Salt Lake Center so I just took it the next day.

I had an hour in Provo to kill though and luckily Jake was still on campus! So, we finally made Stan's a reality. 

Ok so excuse me while I obsess over how classic it looks. Like, it's legit straight out of the 50's. Also, have you heard of fry sauce? The "Utah" thing? Ok, well it's basically ketchup and mayo mixed together and it's DELICIOUS. It was apparently invented here? They have like a little plaque talking about how it's the birthplace of fry sauce haha. I'm glad I unknowingly visited my favorite sauce's birth mother. 

WE LOVED IT. The food was so good and like pretty decently priced. We only spent $11! Also, they have veggie burgers with the GOOD veggie patties. So, win win. 

LOL because we looked so classy. Jake had just given a presentation so he had to dress up, and I just dressed up because I felt like it. The little lady in the background stopped me and told me "You look so classy in your outfit!!" Oh, and also there was a cute little elderly man sitting with her who was eating an ice cream cone. He came over to us and said, "You two look so happy!" and then proceeded to talk to us for a few minutes. Well, turns out he is STAN. Like, the Stan in Stan's Drive-in haha. He was literally the cutest and just chatted with us about life. I love elderly people!

- - - - -

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Ok, so I am waiting for my last speech video to upload right now. I had to record it like 4 times, because the camera kept refocusing like every 5 seconds and it was really annoying, ha! So, hopefully this will be the last time I will have to record it. But, it takes like 30 minutes to upload! So annoying! But hey, it's raining really hard right now so that's good. Also I've had time to post these pictures from our hike! 

Do you remember when it was the coolest thing to take pictures like this? Haha! Also, don't mind my dirty car window. #badcarowner

The babies all buckled up!

Ok I love trying new sodas. I found these at Smith's when I was looking for Jones! We decided it was pretty good, and also a good way to commemorate our BYU student status. If you know of any delicious sodas, please let me know!

Ok I got these shoes at Rue 21 like seriously 6 years ago and they are still going strong! I've had to super glue the bottom but other than that they are fine! Don't you just love stuff that last forever? 

Tibble Fork is super close to where we're living so it will be fun to explore it more during the summertime, especially since this might be our last summer here we need to take full advantage! I am in the market for a cute picnic basket with a blanket, but I can't decided which one to get! Plus it's one of those things that I think would be cute, but maybe we wouldn't use it a lot and the money would be best spent going towards a trip or something haha. 

Oh, and to those who ask where we are moving: we don't know. Basically Jake graduates in April 2016 and then he is just going to work while I get my master's. So we will probably just move to wherever I get accepted. So, cross your fingers it's somewhere cool haha! I'm aiming for either New York or D.C. Seattle would be cool too, but I'm really hoping to end up somewhere that has a public transportation system so I don't have to drive. Ha! We'll probably know where we are going this time next year. 

- - - - -

Monday, March 23, 2015

a happy list: 58

Maple bars. / Trixie has been extra needy and we slept face to face the other night. Haha. / Just having to record my speech and then being DONE with my public speaking class. Only 5 to go! / Chewing mini marshmallows. / Driving with the top down. I hate driving but I don't mind it so much when it's warm enough I can take the top off. / Making emoji easter eggs. / Reorganizing my cookbook. / Having lots and lots of Pinterest successes lately! / Finally trying banana Pocky. / Andddd it's a gloomy morning with rain sprinkles, so that is definitely making me happy!

- - - - -

Some funny things people said this week...

Well, my neice is at that age where basically everything they say is funny. So, I haven't been keeping track of her.

Jake: "Oh, it was just lawlz. It wasn't stressors."
(We would probably lose a lot of friends if they saw what my mom calls "our language")

- - - - -

- - - - -

Ok, so we are trying to decide where to go for Christmas. We're thinking of just doing a trip since neither of us really wants anything. Also, chances that we will be living in a studio apartment when we move next year are pretty high, so we are trying to not acquire too many things, since we would just have to leave them in storage anyway!

I was originially thinking Cabo or Costa Rica, but I'm not sure how much tickets will be around Christmastime. So, any recommendations are welcome!

- - - - -

Saturday, March 21, 2015

tibble fork!

Make sure to watch in HD by clicking on the settings button!

Hello! I'm working on finishing my classes and trying not to waste time editing all the pictures from our Tibble Fork adventure. But, in the mean time here is the first video I have made with my GoPro! Hopefully we can do some more extreme things in the future that will be more fun to catch on video haha.

Monday, March 16, 2015

a happy list: 57

Making the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever made, thanks to this recipe. / Seeing Abraham in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with the EXACT SAME HAIRCUT. / Using all my cute bath stuff. / Organizing my desk and getting rid of things that I am just hoarding. / When Trixie looks in on me through the window while I am getting ready in the morning. / My mother's crepes. / Driving around with the top down and feeling "infinite" haha. / When Trixie follows me into my room and sits at my feet when I do my makeup. / Tofurky turkey. / Exploring the mountains with Jake.

- - - - -

Here are some funny things people have said this week:

My niece (talking to me): "Sorry, Tina!!!" 

My mom: "I'm on my way home. So prepare for happiness."

Me: "But my feet are cold!"
Jake: "But they will get warm in my crevasse" (referring to the space between his calves haha)

Me: (showing my mom this picture) "Look at his boobs!"
My mom: *silently gets up and leaves*

- - - - -

Here are some internet things to make you happy: These monsters who are struggling just as much as we are.The announcement for Zoolander 2, LOL! / Um, can you say real life Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, anyone? / Spider Man feeding homeless people?! / Ok this magpie is the cutest. I can't get over the picture of her cuddling with them in bed. / Obama reading his mean tweets, lol! / Ok, so I love this post. I feel like it hits the whole "having friends while married" thing straight on! This is probably different for everyone, but I love having friends who can be totally fine if I don't want to hang out with them solely because I'd rather hang out with Jake! It's probably one of those annoying things married couples do. Ha. But, I love being able to be like, "Hey, Jake is busy tonight, do you want to hang out?" and have friends who don't feel like a "last choice" and understand that. So, thank you to all friends!

- - - - -

Ok, so honestly, I feel like my happy lists aren't as good as they once were haha. Like, I feel like they used to be about really appreciating the small things in life, and lately they are more about the big things. I feel like I have fallen out of the habit of looking for the small pleasures in life like the way something sounds or the way something feels, because I have been so focused on bigger picture things! So, when I finish school and can chill for a sec, I want to focus on improving that more!

- - - - -

Saturday, March 14, 2015

life lately

I've seen this stencil at south campus, but I saw another one while shooting the other day! I want to know the story behind them so badly.

Trixie's hand placement kills me in this picture. SHE IS SO CUTE.

Jake's hair was super long and I decided to return the favor and braid it hahaha. 

I was holding a swaddled Trixie and I had to get up. When I came back she had stayed in the exact position I left her in.

Mr. Tea just chillin' in his bubble bath. Just kidding, it was froth, but I got a kick out of it. 

Heart pancakes and Jake's eggs for breakfast! The best! 

We got a pretty nice tax return so Jake splurged and got some paintball stuff. LOL the mask. It's so ninja like.

Sitting in the the same place that we first hung out! Except there wasn't a table this time, so we sat on the floor :)

Ok, also bagel sandwiches are the best. I love using my heart mold to make a little patty haha.

I made these cookies for our Walking Dead night. They were sort of weird at first, because they don't look cooked, but it turns out they are DELICIOUS. 

Trixie luh The Walking Dead.

I took a bubble bath mainly because I wanted to use this cute bath bomb that Jake gave me for Christmas.

I actually am not a huge fan of baths haha. So, I lit a candle, used my bubble bar, and turned on some Buffy to make it more enjoyable. I still don't get baths, but I guess it was somewhat relaxing. I think the problem is I'm not a super tall person, so I never feel like I can get myself in a good position. Do you know what I mean? Like, I always feel like I am drowning haha. The only way I can keep myself up is if I straighten my legs all the way, and that's super uncomfortable. Anyway! Bath stuff is cute, and I keep hoping I will like bathing. Maybe one day.

I took my mom to Ivie Juice Bar for the first time. It's been a second since I've been there and I forgot how freaking delicious it is. 

I found my heart glasses! Yay! Buttttttttt then they broke today. So sad, so sad. I need to get new ones. I bought some at Nordstrom last summer and they disappeared into thin air. Losing sunglasses is the worst!

I tried Ruby Snap cookies for the first time! I got the Ricki and the Marius. I am not a huge fan of solid chocolate cookies I decided, but OMG THE RICKI. Add it to your "Must Try Foods" because it was seriously sooooooo good. Like, so good.

I stumbled upon this neato street art while trying to find Ruby Snap cookies! I love it!

So, I was eating in my car (#lonerlife) and there was a mega creep in that shack. Pretty sure there are drugs in there, but who knows.

Trixie had her head in between that pillow and the cushion. I sneezed and it scared her, so she turned around really quick. Her face was still stuck though and it looked like she was smiling! Haha!

- - - - -