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beyond glaze

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sorry always for iPhone pictures, but Saturday night we got some donuts. Are you surprised? My mom has been talking about these so much, and after she sent me a picture I was sold on their adorable-ness. So, we went and were very pleased. I got the maple and Jake got the old fashioned. In case you are wondering, yes, I did wear my pajamas there and also no bra. So, feel free to judge me for that, because I am a little bit. 

Mainly the real reason why it was an amazing donut experience is because they can make ANY of them. Like, even if there aren't any in the display case, they can make that flavor donut in like, 40 seconds or something like that. So, v enjoyable. Go there and enjoy.

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  1. Oh my lord those look amazing! #teamdonut

  2. I sent my husband an email the other day with a link to this place after you mentioned it and I said we're GOING! Haha :) (though, it hasn't happened yet . . . )

    1. PS there's no way (that I can see) to scroll through your posts, like by clicking "older" or "newer," I mean. Did you know that? Do you know how to change that? (if you want it changed, of course)

    2. yes you need to go! and yeah, there is like a little gray arrow at th bottom that lets you scroll through posts. i should probably make it say "older" or "newer" though. i'll look into it. thanks!

  3. i literally did a segment for a tv show this summer about these donuts because i am SO OBSESSED. i have never tried the old fashioned though, so i guess i need to go there again. OH WELL!

  4. I am now starving for donuts. Those look so good!

  5. Oh my, I NEED one of these in Auckland. #nzprobs

  6. Oh my, that looks absolutely delicious! Unfortunately we don't have any donut shops in Paris. Sigh.


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