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places you need to go ASAP: 3 cups

Thursday, January 15, 2015

This is not a joke. You must go to 3 Cups immediately! I have the longest break in between my classes on Wednesdays, so I've started going to all the places on my "Utah" page in my travel journal. So far 3 Cups has been my favorite! Here's why:

#1: It's adorable. Like, let's just focus on that sign for a second ok? IT'S AMAZING. Also the inside is super cool. You can kind of see, but like each table has really high walls behind it, so you have a super ton of privacy, so no one can judge you for reading blogs instead of doing homework ;)

#2: Their hot chocolate is the cutest of any coffee shop I've been to. Like, that to-stay mug? Adorable. There's a tiny spoon you can't see. And I'm pretty sure that cookie just tops of the look.

#3: They have the most delicious avocado toast with homemade pickles on the side! Also, they have lots of cool little foods like this. It's not just a bunch of pastries, they have gelato and acai bowls! So, it's a nice little switch up from coffee cake and croissants.

Yes. I did drink an entire 16 oz hot chocolate in probably, five minutes. It was just so good and the perfect gulping temperature! 

Anyways, you should definitely go here if you like cute coffee shops and delicious food. I'm excited to pit stop here on the way home from our camping trips this summer!

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  1. Ahh! This looks so cute! Why am I not living in SLC?????



  2. This place also very clearly has perfect lighting because these photos are gorgeous. I'm sold.

    ...except I live a billion miles away. WOMP.

    You must go again and take lots more photos and post them so that we non-locals can experience 3 Cups vicariously though you. Deal? DEAL!

  3. Seriously - How do you know about all of these amazing places? I gonna have to go get me a cup of hot chocolate this weekend! All that chocolaty froth just looks soo delicious.

    Thanks for sharing all your awesome finds with us. :)

    1. oh trust me, my list is v long. and if you haven't had hot chocolate from beans and brews yet, GO THERE FIRST.

  4. Ok so where exactly is this place?? I have never seen it before and I am a big hot chocolate fan! Also have you ever been to Beany's?? It's like this little shack in AF by the old Gold's Gym. Their hot chocolate is incredible and I feel like you need to try it. My favorites are the red velvet hot chocolate and the smores hot chocolate. Delish.

    1. it's in halladay! kind of in like a little shopping/eating area.
      i've been to beany's, but i haven't had their hot chocolate! i'll have to try it out! thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Looks yummy!


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