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Friday, January 30, 2015

circus animal cake balls

Are you surprised I made more cake balls? Haha they are like, my go-to dessert. I've been getting bored with baking lately, and wanted to try something a little bit different. So… introducing… circus animal cake balls! I've heard of Oreo cake balls, so I wanted to see what these would taste like. This was also my first time using cream cheese instead of cream cheese frosting. I'm still undecided about which is better. (Red velvet cake balls need cream cheese frosting allll the way though.)

So, read a long if you'd like the recipe and tips on how to make smooth cake balls!

1 / Grind 16 oz (one bag) of Mother's circus animal cookies in a food processor. I like chunks, so I didn't process it too long, but it's up to you.

2 / Mix circus animal crumbs with 12 oz (one package) of cream cheese at ROOM TEMPERATURE. Room temperature is key, folks. It will make your life 10x easier. I used an electric mixer for this because I have baby arms and get tired using a wooden spoon. 

3 / Roll into balls and place on a cookie sheet. I ended up having 40 balls, but I like to make them small (because cuteness, ya know?) so it's really up to you.

4 / Melt white chocolate almond bark in the microwave in a paper cup. I like to use a paper cup because it makes your chocolate go further because you can use more of it due to the skinny cup instead of a wide bowl.  *I also like to use a paper cup because after about three rounds of heating the chocolate up, the bottom of the cup will burn a little bit and I absolutely love the smell of burning paper/campfire.* I usually put it in for one minute, and if it isn't all melted I'll put it back in for another 30 seconds. Mix one or two drops of red food coloring into the melted chocolate to get a pink color. 

5 / Ok, here's the trick to getting smooth cake balls that don't have a ton of chocolate build up at the bottom. Before you pick up the cake ball, smash it onto the cookie sheet a little bit, so it has a flat-ish bottom, not too flat, but just flat enough that it will sit like you want it to. Dip the opposite side (not the flat-ish side) in the chocolate and wave it around in a circle to get any excess chocolate off. Place flat-side down on a cookie sheet and allow to cool. This will make the tops of your cake balls really smooth! I added more chocolate to the tops of mine because I forgot to add sprinkles, but if you do this it will make them smooth.

6 / Do that to all of the cake balls, and the start back at the beginning (the chocolate should be dried) and dip the flat side in chocolate and set flat side down.

7 / Let the chocolate harden and you're done! I like to keep them in the fridge, because there's just something about warm cake balls that grosses me out 100%. 

I hope you enjoy! 

- - - - -

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

project 365 / 21-26

Day 22 / Remember that time in my life where I was having horrible luck? Yeah, well here are my bangs after my blow dryer had a stroke of anger and burned them off!

Day 23 / Study parties all day err day. 

Day 24 / Jake's beard has bee so perfect lately. Soooo perfect.

Day 25 / Also got a new laptop sticker that I am 100% obsessed with.

Day 26 / I was sitting in the front room and I looked outside and saw Trixie running down the street after some guy! I have no idea how she gets out sometimes, but needless to say I looked like an idiot standing in the middle of my driveway clapping my hands and yelling "Trixie!" to a nearly deaf dog 15 feet away from me hahah. 

This project has been weird, because some days I 100% forget to take a picture and am left scrambling for something to photograph at the last minute, and then other days I take like 10 pictures and have to decide which one to use. I love how it has made me more aware of how beautiful the little things in life are (like food… haha but really I take so many pictures of food). Every time I walk out of my bathroom throughout the day I want to photograph the light in the front room because it's just so pretty! And I feel like I didn't notice that as much before! Anyways, just wanted to say that I'm loving the fresh look this is giving me on life and photography. And sorry if my photos are boring. If you have any suggestions, I'm up for a photography challenge!

I hope everyone's week is going good so far!

- - - - -

P.S. Go enter my friend Natalie's giveaway for some Indy Brand clothing credit!

Monday, January 26, 2015

a happy list: 49

Keyboard stickers bought here.

Trixie is so cute and I am obsessed with her. I was talking to my mom about her and she said, "I feel like you've become more obsessed with her since you've moved back in after being without her for all those months." Gotta make up for lost time haha.

- - - - -

Finally knowing the correct time to spell macaron like "macaroon" / The little tiny moon sliver on Wednesday night / Finally trying a cronut from Oteo / When Chris Carrabba sang not just a Dashboard song at his Twin Forks concert, but my favorite Dashboard song! / Finally finishing Vampire Diaries (well, what's on Netflix at least) and getting my life back / Coming home to an entirely clean basement thanks to bb Jake / Realizing my hair is past boob <3 / Jake getting all the things on my grocery list including eyeliner, tampons, and white nail polish. He bought the exact ones I would have gotten as well. So basically mega husband points. / Trading in all my college textbooks

- - - - -

Here's some internet things to make you happy. This video of Maroon 5 wedding crashing. / Our Spark Blog published a post with some ideas about how to get outside during the winter months and feature me and Jake. If you're interested in reading it here's the link

I feel like my luck has started to turn around! It all started with the Dashboard Confessional song and now three other things have followed! Ha! It reminds me of this episode of Seinfeld where he always breaks even. Like, a bunch of unfortunate, unlucky things happened, so now a bunch of fortunate, lucky things will happen. Starting with Chris Carrabba singing Hands Down with his new band haha. Anyways, here's to hoping it will be a good week… and even out! Wish me luck on the exam I have to take in two hours!

- - - - -

Thursday, January 22, 2015

project 365 / 11-20

Day 11 / A sick bb = tv day in bed.

Day 12 / A perfect foggy, rainy morning with cocoa and online school. My very favorite type of morning!

Day 12 / Also, this friend joined us for dinner.

Day 13 / I've been obsessed with slippers the past year or so. I used to not even care if I was barefoot, but now something about my feet touching dirty floors grosses me out haha. Especially if there is something on the floor in the kitchen and I step on it. So, slipper obsessed it has been!

Day 14 / My new glasses from Polette! Why take a selfie when you can have Trixie wear them instead?  Ha! Jake walked in and was like, "How is she not, how are those staying on?!" And then a second later, "Oh… It's Trixie." She is like a little ragdoll and will let me put pretty much anything on her. Once my mom accidentally dropped a piece of bread in her dog bed, but didn't know until she came home from work and saw that Trixie had been sleeping on it all day! 

Day 15 / Definitely forgot to take a picture and remembered right before bed. So, here ya go.

Day 16 / As good as eggs and avocado on toast are, olive oil and avocado on toast may be better! 100% obsessed with this breakfast!

Day 16 / Ok, also we finally went to Pizzeria Limone and I honestly think it's my favorite pizza. I got the Limone and it was DELISH. Jake got pepperoni and liked it too. Also, not ashamed to say I hopped back in line for the Divino dessert pizza and we were not dissappointed. 

Day 17 / Just some family cuddling. The usual. Also, if my bangs are ever like this IRL, please please tell me. 

Day 18 / Missed it! It was my last day at work (long story) and working 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. didn't exactly leave me much time to photograph something haha!

Day 19 / I tried this broccoli pasta recipe. It was a fail. I hate fail recipes! :(

Day 20 / I made this french toast. It was ok. I'm not the biggest goat cheese fan I've decided. But man, raspberries need to be in my life forever. 

Day 21 / An out of focus of me trying to feed Skully from the hand. That cat is cruel. She gives you all this false hope that she is going to be cute and nice, and then when you fall for it she just laughs in your face. Also, apparently she doesn't like Cat Nip? So, that's a bummer. Have I mentioned that cats are the worst? 

- - - - -

I should probably be embarrassed by how many pictures of food I post, but I literally am 0% embarrassed because food is the best and that is all. 

Life has been like, kind of mean lately haha. Just with things not working out. Hence, the lameness of my pictures this week. Oh well. If all these bad things keep happening, that just means that eventually they will have to be leveled out with good things, right? So pretty much I'll probably win the lottery soon or something, haha! 

- - - - -

Monday, January 19, 2015

a happy list: 48

I made a makeshift studio, so here's some awkward family photos from when we were playing with lighting.

- - - - -

Drinking cocoa by the window and watching the rainy sunrise / Scaring Jake by camoflauging as part of the bed fort and ripping a blanket off myself while he was brushing his teeth and watching Trixie hahaha / An old man complimenting my braid / My birth control being 8 cheaper and also having an amazing experience at my new pharmacy / Finally finding feijoas / The divino dessert pizza from Pizzeria Limone / In Free Birds when the nut and bolt bounces into his eye haha! / Mochi (so good, always) / Jake pampering me / Seeing the old man who lives across the street standing by his garage door, holding his chihuahua over his shoulder like a baby

- - - - -

Funny things people have said…

Jake: (to the tune of I'm A Little Teapot) "Tikky tikky tikky tikky tout, you are a Trixie firm and stout!"

(We sing to Trixie all the time. Usually it's songs that already exist, and we just put her name into it. My personal favorite is the "Could it be, could it be Christine?" from Phantom of the Opera. Except I always sing "Could it be, could it be Trixie?" like at least once a day. I LOVE DOGS.)

14-year-old-girl at my work: "Do you have a Tumblr?"
Me: "Yeah, why?"
14-year-old-girl at my work: "I knew it. You scream Tumblr."

Me: "You're so lucky, I wish I had thick hair!"
Other 14-year-old-girl at my work: (Feels my hair) "Oh yeah!! Your hair is pretty… average."

- - - - -

Thursday, January 15, 2015

places you need to go ASAP: 3 cups

This is not a joke. You must go to 3 Cups immediately! I have the longest break in between my classes on Wednesdays, so I've started going to all the places on my "Utah" page in my travel journal. So far 3 Cups has been my favorite! Here's why:

#1: It's adorable. Like, let's just focus on that sign for a second ok? IT'S AMAZING. Also the inside is super cool. You can kind of see, but like each table has really high walls behind it, so you have a super ton of privacy, so no one can judge you for reading blogs instead of doing homework ;)

#2: Their hot chocolate is the cutest of any coffee shop I've been to. Like, that to-stay mug? Adorable. There's a tiny spoon you can't see. And I'm pretty sure that cookie just tops of the look.

#3: They have the most delicious avocado toast with homemade pickles on the side! Also, they have lots of cool little foods like this. It's not just a bunch of pastries, they have gelato and acai bowls! So, it's a nice little switch up from coffee cake and croissants.

Yes. I did drink an entire 16 oz hot chocolate in probably, five minutes. It was just so good and the perfect gulping temperature! 

Anyways, you should definitely go here if you like cute coffee shops and delicious food. I'm excited to pit stop here on the way home from our camping trips this summer!

- - - - -

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Do you guys remember readathons in like, elementary school? They were pretty much my very favorite thing in the world at that point in my life. Jake and I both made resolutions to read more, so we did a little readathon night. Mila lent me Mindy Khaling's book and I'm obsessed with it. My favorite parts so far have been her Voldemort and Nagini comparison to her and her friend, and her statment that she was drawn to Dartmouth because of her love for white people and North Face parkas (she's kidding, obviously). Seriously lol-ing has been happening. 

I can't have a post without a picture of Trixie, apparently. So, here you go.

A very real pro of living in your mother's basement is being able to take all of the available pillows and cushions in house and pile them into a giant bed, covered with layers and layers of blankets. We call it a "bed fort" and it is amazing, also so so so comfortable. 

It's so comfortable that Jake fell asleep on my back during our readathon hahahahaha.

All in all, a p good night. I made this queso recipe and it was DELICIOUS. We left out the chili and it was seriously just as good, but you could definitely add it if you're not vegetarian. 

- - - - -

Monday, January 12, 2015

a happy list: 47 + gopro pictures

I totally forgot I had these pictures on my gopro! Ha!

- - - - -

Waking up in the middle of the night and seeing such a neat pattern on my pillow from the full moon combined with my paper chain hanging in the window / The "-BAE" signature Jake put on his email to me / Daniela Andrade covers (She's also on Spotify) / Jake's "kiss fireworks" (basically a kiss that turns into a firework) / When I was the first one to walk into my American Heritage class and my teacher told me it was a different class… only to realize that he was wrong and he did, in fact, have to teach American Heritage in less than 10 minutes HAHA! / Finally trying Pizza Studio and loving it so much / Winning a free appetizer from Olive Garden because Jake rocks at Laffy Taffy jokes / Dub date nights with my bb / Finishing Bossypants and starting Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? / My new Mac lipstick

- - - - -

Funny things people have said…
Jake: "Bae…droom." (Like bedroom… get it?)

- - - - -

Here's some internet things to make you happy!
Crazy In Love cover by Daniela (and all other covers), I'm so obsessed with her right now. / This awareness test. Such a goodie. / The study that found an effect with telling teachers random kids are more promising than others, and how it shows how important it is to lift others up instead of tearing them down. Self-fulfilling prophecies are so so real, and telling people they are going to achieve and do good things may be an actual reason for why they end up achieving and doing good things. So interesting! / This Etsy shop that helped me with the new design for my photography blog. If you need a new design I would HIGHLY recommend this shop, the owner was amazing and logged into my account on blogger and fixed everything that wasn't working the way I wanted it to. 100% best service ever. / These dogs in a photo booth /

- - - - -

Also I did a guest post for cute Kendel on her blog with my favorite photos from 2014!

- - - - -

Sunday, January 11, 2015

project 365 / 4-10

Day 4 / Cozy socks and catching up on our Modern Family.

Day 5 / I caught a very sly kitty (very late at night) sleeping in the bed she pretends she is too good for. 

Day 6 / Morning chai rooibos with my new favorite mug and my bff Mr. Tea. The joy I got from stuffing those tiny pants with tea leaves is indescribable. 

Day 7 / There a small part of me that is very upset no one told me about Biscoff spread earlier. I have been OBSESSED with dipping apples in it and eating that as a snack every day. It's already half gone!

Day 8 / Got myself some new lipstick with a gift card I won during Christmas Festivities! Quite excited, quite excited.

Day 9 / I put Rick outside to condition Skully to not be afraid of humans. Is it working? Definitely not. Also Trixie is the best study buddy a girl could ask for.

Day 10 / Morning cocoa in our new favorite mugs. 

- - - - -

Friday, January 9, 2015

glasses ftw 100% always

I love glasses you guys. Like, seriously so much. My very first black pair broke, so on to the next! I was obsessing with these new glasses though. They came with a case that had a map on it. I'm like, "Ok Firmoo, how do you exactly know my person?" Also, when I first ordered glasses I stupidly thought it was a "one size fits all" sort of deal. So, needless to say having these glasses that actually fit is like a small heaven. 

Firmoo is amazing because they give you your first pair free, which is definitely an added bonus in my book. So, if you're itchin' to shake things up in the glasses department, Firmoo is like, the nicest choice. 

- - - - -

P.S. If there are any great poems or 4-6 line quotes out there, please let me know. I have to record myself reciting both for my public speaking class, and my first choice of poem would obviously be a type of slam poetry, probably by Alysia Harris or Miles Hodges. But, then I remember an middle aged, male, BYU professor will be watching the video and I immediately changed my mind. So, you know, like very appropriate poems talking about the sun or dirt or something would be much appreciated.