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Thursday, January 30, 2014
Photos from our day exploring! We tried to go on a hike to Secret Lake, but after we drove all of the way up there, we found out the road was closed! So, we just ate our picnic in the car and drove around. There were some pretty neat places.

I really wanted a cute photo of us in front of a mountain... so here is this. It's definitely not photoshopped... Haha.

The drive home was when the sun was setting, and at one part all the colors of the sunset were peaking through the canyon. It was so beautiful!

I can't wait for the roads to open, so we can explore the places on our list! 

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014
These are from... last week sometime when I went to dinner with friends! We tried this  new place called The Wild Zucchini. It was like, street Italian food? I've never heard of it before. I got a tortilla with spaghetti noodles, marinara sauce, mushrooms, zucchini, and kalamata (?) olives. It was ok, but I wish I would have gotten the pizza or just normal pasta. 

We got froyo afterwards. I was halfway sad that they didn't have those mochi things. But, they had the little flavor balls, so all was good. What is mochi anyways? One time I saw this huge thing at the grocery story. It was like the size of half a loaf of bread, and I was like wtf is this thing. Maybe that's how big they originally are? Who knows. But, I freaking love those things in froyo. 

Do you ever make stupid photo mistakes? I should have changed the aperture, but I totally forgot. So, yay for out of focus pictures. Haha. 

I love catching up with old friends! I always forget how much fun they are, haha. Too bad they are leaving me for the air force and college :(. 

On another note, does Lucas from One Tree Hill wear eyeliner sometimes? I'm watching like, the middle of season 4, and I can swear he has eyeliner on! Weirdest.

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J Dawgs + Ice Castles

Saturday, January 25, 2014
Yesterday, we went to the ice castles! It has seriously been on my bucket list for like four years! It was really cool, though. Safe to say my expectations were met! 

We went to J-Dawg's beforehand and grabbed some delicious grub. I'm trying to get a job at an eating disorder clinic, and being vegetarian probably isn't the best example to set for the patients. So, I've been eating meat lately. It was weird at first, but it's fine now. I feel like doing it for a reason makes it easier, you know? Like, eating meat so I can be a good example is better than eating meat because being a vegetarian is "too hard". Plus, I don't feel like I'm losing a part of myself this way. Also, turns out I really love hot dogs. Like, the good all-beef ones. 

So, I really didn't want to use my flash and lose the beautiful colors of the ice! So, I didn't really get a very good one of me and Jake. Well, with colors in it at least. Haha. But, I love the color in all the rest! If you haven't gone to the ice castles, you definitely should! Just make sure you wear boots, because the ground is like... loose ice? Slushy is probably a better word. Also, we went on Friday night and it was pretty packed. But, not too bad. But still, I'd recommend going on a week night. :) Anyways! 

This was this hole you could look into and there was a little water fountain thing. I'm so happy I got it in three different colors! 

Afterwards, we went to Jake's friends house and played Wizard! I definitely thought it was like, a magic game, but it's actually really fun! It takes a while to get used to, but I love learning new games instead of playing the same ones over and over again. 

Anyways, I'm off to a friend's bridal shower!

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a happy list: 11

Friday, January 24, 2014
from our krispy kreme outing last night.
- - - - -
cake balls
ice sculptures
taking leaps of faith
trying new restaurants
organizing my sister's closet
foggy mornings spent by the lake
catching up with old work friends
the position jake and i napped in wednesday
finding out that the seconds hand on the clock app moves
the jamba juice jake got me when i was a beached whale (aka red witch time)

- - - - -

if you do a happy list, be sure to let me know!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014
So, today I dyed the blue/green out of my hair! I really loved it and am so glad I did it, but I just felt like it showed my horribly damaged split ends too much ;), plus I don't want damage my hair by constantly re-dying it and using heat products. Oh, and I really missed my daily steaming hot showers! Haha, but I absolutely LOVED my hair when it was blue. Like, soooo much. Once my hair gets to the length I want, I might dye the ends again. But, I really loved my hair when it was black too! It's a totally dumb thing, but I feel like I can wear more when my hair is black? I don't know, that's probably not even true, but, I do love my black hair! I'll have to post pictures of it soon. 

These pictures were taken by my friend Mila! She texted me one day and asked if I wanted pictures of my hair or something, so of course I said yes! I'm glad I have these, because I can always remember my colored hair, haha. Also, this is probably as close to "fashion blogger" I'll ever get. I think I'm better behind the camera than in front of it ;)

Tomorrow we are going to the Midway ice castles! I'm so excited!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Some photos I took of a friend after she took my photos. I'm excited that I got pictures with my blue hair! I'm going to dye it black once my sister gets back to me on if she has dye or not. I've loved having blue hair, but I want my hair to be longer. I don't want to keep dying it. 

Also, I've decided to stop doing free shoots! I'm only charging $40 though, so if you want portraits, engagements, pictures with your husband/wife, or just whatever, then email me and we can set something up. 

I didn't want to type out why I'm doing this, so I made a video. If you're interested, feel free to watch.

- - - - - 

Cafe SuperNatural

Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Funny moment of the day: I said, "Jake! I am the worst wife to you!" Jake said, "Ah! Emily! No you're not! Why do you think that?" I said, "Because, I got you all that soda for Christmas and I've drunk it all!" Jake immediately stops cooking and walks over to the fridge, opens it, and pulls out the last can of Diet Dr. Pepper. He comes over and hands it to me. I immediately started laughing, because that's exactly what I wanted!!! It's strange how someone can know you so well, they know you want a soda when you start complaining about being a terrible wife! Haha! 

In other news... 

My friend Hailey and I went on an adventure to Salt Lake on Saturday. We visited some friends and then tried this cute little place called Cafe SuperNatural. We both thought it was going to be like, a scary cafe haha. But, it turns out it just meant that all of the foods were very natural.

All the critics said to get the tamales... which neither one of us got haha. I got a Greek thing. It was falafel, and some lettuce, and maybe like a pickle relish and some hummus? I'm actually not sure what the majority of it was haha. But, it was ok overall. I would recommend trying the tamales if you go. They did have good drinks, though. I got a lavender lemonade and Hailey got a ginger drink. I loved the lemonade! I really wanted to try a green smoothie, because I've never had one. I feel like I just need to make one. Any recipes that are actually good? I'm scared to try one! 

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