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a happy list: 45

Monday, December 29, 2014

The new reusable mugs at Starbuck's / Giving Trixie and Skully gourmet pet food / When I  found out Skully isn't scared of Trixie / Lounging in bed all day with bb / Grape-apple sparkling cider / Jake's family's fondue dinner / Little baby snowflakes quietly falling all day (FAVORITE) / Ghirardelli minis / Getting organized after the Christmas madness / The portrait of Trixie my sister-in-law gave us for Christmas 

Here's some internet things to make you happy!
This at home shoot of my cute friend and her husband. Aren't they perfect? And isn't the photography perfect? / This GoPro video a guy took of what his dog does when he isn't home

Yay for Christmas break! I'm loving all this time to do nothing at all haha. It's the best. Jake and I have been lounging all day. I took some photos of a bloggy friend, edited, and hung out in bed while Jake played X-Box. So, it's a winning day in our books.

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  1. fondue dinners! We used to do those all the time at my Grandma's, then I think she hated how the oil smelled up her house. Our loss..

  2. ghirardhelli....on my happy list every day of my life. cute picture! can't wait to be fwends girl :)

    xo, k

  3. Yay for relaxing days! Cute picture of you two <3

  4. That video with the doggie makes me so sad... Ahh.. I just want to hug it and play with it. Also, glad you had a great Christmas. We've had a day where we didn't have anything to do all day and we seriously didn't know what to do with ourselves. It was still really nice and we just lounged around and watched Harry Potter. Those are the best kinds of days.


    1. so happy harry was a part of your special bonding day :)

  5. I love fondue. We got a small fondue set on clearance from BBandB, that we use on our wedding anniversaries. Win-Win.
    And i 110% agree with you that Christmas break is the. best. ever.

    1. WIN. fondue is so good. we have a set but we don't have the lighter thing and we're too lazy to buy one haha.


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