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Hi! Welcome to my corner of the internet. I'm a 26 year old therapist, feminist, photographer, and shop owner currently living in Seattle, Washington. My shop, Dealign with Feelings, is geared toward destigmatizing and normalizing mental health. I'm biased, but I think we have some pretty cute stuff :) Click the "shop" tab to see what we've got! I mainly post about my travel and daily life on here. With other random musings thrown in. I post more frequently (and about more feminism) on my Instagram @emmycoletti, so make sure you're following me there. Thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Pretty much allll of Us The Duo's songs / Apple cider from Coffee Pod / When the mice in The Nutcracker give CPR to the mouse king / Cafe Trio bittersweet pudding (aka a small heaven in your mouth) / The cutest pup watching me while I study / When a certain two characters in a certain t.v. show finally kissed / Making a count down paper chain / When we hiked in the snow / Wrapping gifts for people / The delicious Christmas drink Taylor makes at Slurp

- - - - --

This week was a good one internet things to make you happy! Here's a video where Bill Nye explains evolution using emojis / They're making the BFG into a movie!!!!! / This video about the meaning of emojis / I guess this is kind of sad, but it made me laugh. Here's a list of why Jen Lindley had the worst life ever. / Finals week in GIFS / This cute baby's Christmas photos / The teddy bear dog returns / These animals eating dinner LOL

- - - - -

P.S. Sorry, I feel like I wasn't super clear about the Friends IRL group. I more so meant for it to be a place where we can plan meet ups and stuff, like in real real life haha. So for those who weren't living in the area, I deleted you so you wouldn't be getting notifications like crazy for meet ups you can't attend :). I hope that's ok with everyone! And if you are in Utah County and want to hang out feel free to join.


  1. I just tried the whole Friends IRL and it won't let me- I think it let me write on the page...but! I really want to be on it!! IRL would be real nice :) haha! thanks EM!

  2. I joined the Friends IRL! I want to meet all my Utah county blog friends so bad! We should do something at the beginning of January sometime when the semester is just barely starting. Ah I can't wait!

    xo, k

    1. and the emoji video was hilarious... :)

    2. yes definitely! feel free to throw some ideas up on the page wall!

  3. The christmas photos, I can't. He's adorable. x

  4. Ah! I totally forgot about the BFG!! a movie on it will be quite interesting!

    1. that's what i think too! i wonder how they're going to do it, ya know?


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