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a happy list: 40

Monday, November 24, 2014

I really wish Jake and I had friendlier schedules so he could be in these pictures haha.

My new job!!! / Date night with my bae / When Nick Miller yells things in New Girl / Jake's fruit plates / Waking up to rain on Saturday / Seeing my breath in the morning while walking to school / Christmas Crack / When I was sick and Jake come home in between church meetings to check on me / Strawberry cheesecake / When the bathroom gets really hot and foggy like a sauna

Here's some internet things to make you happy!

This video of a lemur getting his armpits rubbed. I'm 100% obsessed! / These women's reactions to being Photoshopped into cover models / This freshman year photo project that Katherine posted about. I wish I would have done this so badly! The change is insane! / This pink fox… Is this real life or???

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  1. I love your happy lists. Also, your lipstick...as always...is on point

  2. congrats on the new job! so exciting & new girl makes me laugh so hard. i love it. also, i've been behind on the blog game & don't know when you got the new name/header, but it's adorable!

    1. haha thank you. and yes, new girl. sometimes it's the worst but i feel like there is usually always one part in each episode that is worthy of laughing out loud haha.

  3. those freshman year photos were sososososososo awesome, right?

    1. ah so right. they should make all freshman do that when they start haha.

  4. You're adorable.
    Maybe that's irrelevant...
    But I kind of feel like it's always relevant.

  5. Your outfit looks so cute! and I always love your Happy Lists.


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