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bloggie party dos: spa skin care products

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

*Sorry, some of my old posts were getting spam, so I tried to revert them into drafts and then figured out a better way and reposted them. So, sorry if they show up in your feed!*

So, here's another post I've had queued up for some time. A few weeks ago my dearest floggie (bloggie friend, but let's start this "floggie" thing, am I right?!) Riley told me about this spa night that was happening. Naturally I attended, because how can you not? Anyways, (Wait, remember when people used to write "neways" and then would get sassy if you asked what "knee-ways" was? "Ugh. It's ANYWAYS Emily!!" I sure don't miss those days.) it turned out to be a grand time. Oh, and excuse the iPhone pictures, sometimes you have no choice, ya know?

WHOLE FOODS CATERED. Also, they had fancy sparkling cider, so you know. Just my natural habitat.

Whole Foods made this totally delish crème brûlée with raspberry. Excuse me while I daydream about it forever.

They had a little station where you could customize your own spa skin care products! AMAZING. Their salt is from the Great Salt Lake, which is amazing because it's like rubbing Utah all over your body, literally. Anyways, I decided to go for some creme, because I literally can not stand my hands being dry. Like, I'm not even kidding. If there is no lotion available and my hands have that gross feeling, sometimes I have to lick them or something. What? Moving on.

ALSO THE SPACE WAS AMAZING. Look at the floor!! Like, I can't even you guys. I CAN'T EVEN. It's so brilliant. He said he got most of it from Ikea, so you can bet imma be hightailin' it over there as soon as I'm a home owner.

There were swarms and swarms of women. SWARMS I TELL YOU. Shiz got prettttty cray, if I do say so myself. At one point in the night, they decided to have a pinata with like, mega prizes. They decided to break this pinata and have 150 women SWARM for the prizes. It was how I imagine it will be if Ebola goes airborne and then in the midst of the panic, the CDC drops a small vial of "the cure" in the middle of Times Square. Like, literally it was insane. I think some girl chipped her tooth? Who knows. I instinctively run away from large crowds of people without even making conscious decisions about it.

After the pinata fiasco, we made our own spa skin care product! We picked out the scent we wanted and then got to make our own creme. It was quite neat being a cremea-tier (Like chocolatier, except creme? No?)

Here I am. With my creme. And very happy. 

Probably the best party of the night was when we got these robes from Ikea. We had to stop for gas and Leah just hopped out and started pumpin' in her robe. #nofear. But in reality no one even cared. We were quite amused, though.

Do you know how classy it feels to sip sparkling cider in a car while wearing a robe? I literally felt like Chuck Bass could have been there and we would still have outclassed him. 

Oh, and I can't end this post without a gif because LOOK AT US IN OUR ROBES I CAN'T EVEN.

Shout out to Salt of the Earth for being the nicest and doing this event. Also, shout out to Riley Jo for inviting me and to Leah for coming and driving. And to Whole Foods for making delicious treats. And to IKEA FOR BEING AMAZING ALWAYS. 

Also enter "saltyparty14" to get 40% off Salt of the Earth products!

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  1. Haha that is awesome that she filled up the car in her robe. Priceless.

  2. Cuties in robes! I want one just so I don't have to get dressed immediately after showering.

    And yes, I took Gwen's photos :)

    1. ugh right! robe days are the best days. also love the pics of gwen. OBSESSED SHE IS SO CUTE.

  3. oooookay, all of this sounds like the best night. so cool cool that whole foods catered! they have the best food. & i really am envious of your ikea robes, they look so comfy haha

    1. they really do!! and they are. i am in mine as we speak!

  4. looks like so much fun! a free robe is always a good thing.
    xo, cheyenne

  5. looks like fun! also, i'm laughing to myself at work as i picture the swarming pinata fiasco. nice robes, obvs.

  6. haha, so fun! sounds like a great night!

  7. I wonder if there was a single guy at this party? (not including the photographers, videographers and people who were hired for the event).

    1. hahahah most likely not. i didn't see one, at least.

  8. I didn't realize the picture I took of you was SO BLURRY hahahahaha so woops sorrry


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