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Guru's + Date Night

Friday, September 12, 2014
Sometimes small dates are better than the big dates, ya know? Especially with the craziness of school and all the other things everyone has to juggle into their lives. Bike rides have been a nice thing this summer, since there's a trail dedicated to bikers/runners/joggers, etc. 

Also, I didn't have a picture of my bike before the weird white stuff on the tire, which is too bad, because I spent forever spray painting it and fixing it up. It was one of those weird blue Wal-Mart beach cruisers before, but now I love it so much!

I also feel so romantic when we're riding into the sunset together lol.

On Friday night we attempted to go to the Rooftop Series, but I got a headache so we just ate the most delicious food instead. 

There is a little-tiny-baby taco stand on Center Street that sells tacos for like, $2 or something really cheap like that. Jake decided to try it out instead of Guru's, and he said they were pretty good! I guess it's always good to know where the cheap food is at :)

I obviously got tofu tacos because THEY ARE THE BEST AND YOU SHOULD EAT THEM IF YOU ARE A VEGETARIAN. I am actually going to Guru's again today with a friend, and all I have been able to think about all morning are the tofu tacos lol. 

On Saturday we babysat my niece and nephew in Manti and did a little Subway date thangggg (which is was really just called starvation). While we were filling up the car beforehand, I looked out the window and saw this! LOL!!! They were just sitting there watching me. It was the strangest/funniest thing to see.

Here's to more small dates!! 

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8 comments on "Guru's + Date Night"
  1. yay for small dates! and tofu taco's, that sounds reeeaally good.
    xo, cheyenne

    1. they are! pretty sure you don't live in the u.s.... but you should search for them!

  2. Reading about food on your blog always makes me hungry, it looks so good! haha i love it (:

    1. lol! same thing happens to me! i feel ya, sista!

  3. i've been wanting to spray paint and update my bike too! yours is so cute!

    1. you should! it's really pretty easy and also saves a ton of money (instead of buying a whole new bike)

  4. Beautiful pictures! I actually know where this trail is and it has beautiful lighting during sunsets!

    1. truly!!! minus all the people awkwardly running/biking by lol


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