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Monday, September 29, 2014

a happy list: 32

Giving a stranger a ride to work / Taking a bath with my bebe and finally using the gold sparkle bubble bar we got from Lush forever ago / Eating Fall Delight and watching The Woman In Black / The cute tea party I had with Mila, Katherine, Leah, Riley, and Kayla / Getting cute Christmas socks / When I was sick and Jake pampered me / Learning about a great summer opportunity we may be able to take (!!!!!) / Eating salad with balsamic dressing (it's unfortunately been a while since salad has been in my body :(... ) / ALL THE RAIN <3 / Getting two new beanies

- - - - -

Funny things people have said...

J: "Trixie, I support you morally."

My mom (via text): "Cute pictures of you and J. Do not let that hissing cat into the house! It will pee!"

J: "I like to confuse Trixie, ya know?"

Kayla (at the tea party, from across the table): "Emmy, what are your legs doing?"

- - - - -

In other news, I just learned how to curl my hair correctly at the ripe age of 20... normal? Perhaps. LOL.

- - - - -

P.S. Here's some links that made me happy this week and will make you happy too! This ted talk about happiness, Emma Watson's UN speech, and this vine by Chris Delia.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

bae night

So, since my mother has been gone on vacation (yes, we live in my mother's basement #notashamed) I have rearranged her Netflix cue. Jake was on the mish during some prettttty good movie releases, so I've been catching him up! First we watched Ghost Town (which was even better than I remembered it) and then we watched The Woman In Black. I skipped class that day (what else is new) and so I decided to finally go grocery shopping and make a night of it. Hence, "bae night".

(For those of you who are wondering what this "bae" thing is, it means "before anything else" and we use it in a funny manner. It's a term coined by adolescent girls, and this video does a pretty good job at explaining it and is also literally LOL.)

No one gets left behind on Bae Night.

Also, buying a massive amount of Nesquick from Costco was probably one of the best decisions I've made ever.

I've already seen The Woman In Black, so I'm embarrassed to admit I jumped wayyy more than Jake did. Like, 80x more. That man is a solid rock of fearlessness. He said he thought it was scary, but he never jumped! Maybe it's a man thing LOL. Anyways, if you have yet to see The Woman In Black, you must see it! Also, this movie night thing has been A-MAZ-ING and the perfect way to wind down, so if you have any faves you wanna share, send them our way!

- - - - -

Friday, September 26, 2014

fall delight

Hello hello!! The other day I saw this post on Olivia's blog and obviously started mega craving muddy buddies. I loved her idea of adding Reese's Pieces, but am not the biggest fan of candy corn... mega yuck! 

Fortunately, at Costco there are these Pumpkin Spice Covered Pretzels which are actually the most delicious things ever. We just used the Chex recipe and then added some Reese's Pieces, two cups of mini marshmallows, and three cups of the most delicious pretzels ever. 

It seriously is the yummiest thing mixing mini marshmallows with pumpkin spice pretzels! Do it!

- - - - -

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

camping! + email subscribe fixed

First off, if you have been trying to subscribe by email, I'm sorry I'm an idiot and didn't enable it! You can now subscribe!

We finally went camping again! We drove all the way to Little Cottonwood Canyon. The fall colors starting to come in were gorgeous!

We were driving around the campsite trying to find a spot and almost decided to leave, because it looked like everywhere was full and also we are morally opposed to paying for campsites. We pulled over before we headed out and I had a small breakdown. Well, seconds later a small angel drove a golf cart up to our window. She had a spot left! She took cash or check, and neither one of us had cash, which caused my little heart to break. However, Jake pulled open this compartment in his parent's old car that we were using for the trip, and there was a check book!! (??) So, that was also like a small sign that we were meant to go camping. So, YAY FOR THINGS WORKING OUT.

We got our cute lil' camp all set up. The tent was in a little tree area and SO CUTE.

Jake loaded dead tree branches (aka firewood) into the back of the car. And I helped by braiding my hair. ;)

Then we headed to Cecret Lake for a nice easy hike to a beautiful lake...

Haha ok. So it's actually a pretty short hike, like one mile I think. HOWEVER. It is important to note that it is steeeeeeep. I was dying. But at least it wasn't super long. Power through! Oh, and also the views weren't too bad either :).

We dined at the top. This is the super good trail mix I talked about earlier. It's at Trader Joe's I think. GET IT.

There were a bunch of creepers in the water. Another reason to be scared of water.

That view though!

Self-timer, yo.

Anddd then we went back. And the sun was sort of setting, so I made Jake pose for a Granola Pic.

Yet another braid picture, because apparently that's what I do when waiting for Jake. It's just so addicting!

Also I tried to take this picture of us in front of the fire, and when I took a test shot it was in focus, but then it decided to not be in focus. And I didn't care to check it, so here is a blurry picture. It has a certain charm though, I think.

VEGGIE DOGS. I couldn't see the ketchup so that baby got loaded up (unfortunately), but it was still delicious. If I ate meat, I would eat a hot dog every day LOL.

Jake was going to make a tin foil dinner, but we didn't have any potatoes, so he decided to eat humongous sausages as hot dogs instead? LOL. He said it was good, so there's that I guess.

I tried to do star trail pictures, but I was too lazy to get my tripod and also too cold. So here's what ya get. If anyone has tips on how to take amazing star trail pictures, I'm alllll ears. I can never get them in focus?

I'm usually too scared to sleep without the rainfly on (something about waking up and seeing a person standing outside the tent scares my britches off...) but I decided to grow a pair this trip, and it was super cool! It was fun falling asleep to the stars and waking up to a view.

And last but not least, donuts for breakfast. Oh, I forgot to mention we went to Smith's the night before and snagged a whole box of donuts for $1.79! Needless to say, Jake was in heaven. 

In his parent's old car, we found all the old mix cd's I made for him when we were dating. It was quite fun listening to them on the way home. :)

Ahhhh. There's just something about camping that I absolutely love! The air, the food, the exploring, sleep in a tent, I don't know! I just love it so much. Oh, and of course this post wouldn't be complete without a fire gif. :)

- - - - -

P.S. Since you were so good and also because I laughed for ten minutes at this, here's an accidental picture that happened when I was trying to make the camera focus on my donut and not the background. I definitely thought I leaned far enough out of the picture, but when I uploaded these pictures, I realized I was sorely mistaken. 

So, without further ado, here is the most awkward picture of myself I have ever seen. 
Enjoy the double chins.

Monday, September 22, 2014

a happy list: 31

Getting the stray cat to eat out of my hand!!! (It's slowly on it's way to becoming domesticated and my mother's pet) / When Jake brought me a Diet Coke with my name on it / Meeting Riley Jo in real life / Watching Ghost Town with Jake (he hadn't seen it, so duh) / Finding new slow jams / Getting our anniversary pictures taken by Mila... three months late (don't judge, we're busy!) / Babysitting my niece and watching her moon my sister, apply my mascara, and also take a selfie (she was on a hilarious roll) / Baking with my BB Bacon / Morning drives to school with the top down / Watching my nephew have a dance/freak out to Let It Go on Frozen

Some cool links...
This chocolate pumpkin bread is actually extremely delicious (and also beautiful)!
The photoshoot I did with Jessi on Tuesday. Check it!
Also, these biscuits are delish as well.

I totally forgot to write down the funny stuff that people said. Ooops. But, in other news. You know how Jake calls me Liechtenstein? Well, I was browsing halloween outfits on Pinterest and come across this which made me LOLIRL. We had no idea it was actually a thing?? Hahahahahahahahaha. Apparently it's some artist and people call it Lichtenstein and dress up like comic people? Who knew.

Life has been crazy per usual (jk jk I hate when people say that) but we are slowly developing schedules and plans on how to best arrange our time so we can spend time together as well. We've decided to wake up in the morning and run (Jake) and then to also do homework when the other person is doing it, even if it's not due the next day. It's been good so far! I still miss just hanging out every night and watching episodes of The X-Files, but hey, a few times a week is better than no times a week! Plus, I'm sure our grades will thank us in the end, for paying this much attention to them.

In other news, this year is my senior year and I've been getting weirdly sentimental about things. I'm definitely ready to be done with school and move on with my life, but at the same time there is just something so satisfying about having a set routine every day, having deadlines, and feeling like you're progressing through something. That is something I'll definitely miss. The constant reading, homework, and not seeing Jake as much... probably not ;).

- - - - -

Thursday, September 18, 2014

playin' hooky

So, on Monday I was able to sneak a peak at a new thrift store in American Fork, Tag's Thrift! I got this oversized plaid skirt and turned it into a cute jumper!

Also, it's important to note I made it a whole... 2 weeks with the whole "I'm going to go to every class and not miss any intentionally!!" before I decided to stay home and get stuff done LOL. But in my defense, I have no underwear left, or pajamas. There are like three baskets of clothes that need to be washed. Also, we are low on dishes and haven't been grocery shopping in weeks. Haha, so I'm calling in the big guns today (aka school-skipping-Emmy) and getting shiz done!! 

It's easier too, when this little friend is helping out by being the cutest dog in the world. 

Don't forget to check out Tag's Thrift in American Fork! Their grand opening is tomorrow! There will be a little cafe in the store, so it's bound to be an amazing place!

I'm in a competition with this whole re-fashion thing, so if you love me please comment! If you don't know what to comment, tell me what your favorite song is. I need some new music!!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Photo: Mila and Jeremy

I got to photograph this cute couple the other day!! It was really nice photographing a fellow photographer! Sorry for all the pictures, but I just couldn't not post the following.

- - - - -