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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tried out this zucchini bread recipe.

A cute, blurry puppy patiently waiting for the go ahead to eat her steak. I hurried and switched it to auto focus, but she was long gone. Hahaha.

The moon always. Am I right?!

Snapback-ing it to get sodas. Ya know, just the daily.

It's been a while since one of these have happened. So, here you go.

The sunset and moon. Once again. Am I the only one who is obsessed with them?! 

Another sunset!!

We finally tried Smashburger. I've discovered I don't like blackbean burgers in any situation, but Jake said his burger was on the same level as JCW's... so a win. Their Smashfries had rosemary though, and were tres bueno.

Tried out this recipe for lemon blueberry scones. It tasted weird for some reason, like there was too much salt? But pear haps my taste buds are just not used to healthy foods. I might have to try these again with white flour!

Breakfast and Buffy... a routine lately. I've decided Buffy is like a mixture of The X-Files and Dawson's Creek. Which is awesome, in case you haven't watched either of those. I love so much that the three main characters are Sarah Michelle Geller, Nicolas Brendon (Side note: I just looked him up on IMDB so I could refer to him with his real name, instead of "The Wolf In The 10th Kingdom" and HE IS KEVIN FROM CRIMINAL MINDS WHICH I HAVE ALSO BEEN BINGE WATCHING.), and Alyson Hannigan. Ok, but I still can't get over Xander being Kevin. They look soooo different haha. The 90's did a lot of people in, I suppose. 

I finally tried galaxy nails! I think they turned out pretty nicely for my first time. I'm loving them so much.

Just a cute husb.

I tried this raspberry coconut pancake recipe, except subbed oat bran with old fashioned oats, left out the raspberries, and used a blueberry syrup instead. I was mainly the most excited about remembering we have skull pancake molds, and also about one of them working out. 

1.) Trixie turns into a Trixie Taco every time we bring her into our room to sleep. She refuses to get out of her bed, and just lays there when Jake picks it up. We set it down and she'll stay in the exact same position hahahahah.
2.) My sister-in-law's cute baby!
3.) Not a bad thing when your husband comes home looking like this. #scoutsforlife
4.) Taught Jake how to french braid and he does it better than me! I love it so much.

These past couple days have been awesome. Trying out recipes that have been saved on my Bloglovin' for so long, combining my old blogs into one and making it private, cleaning up this blog, actually getting ready in the morning, and watching shows! 

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  1. I loved reading this post. I feel like I get to know you more and more every time I visit your blog. Although that's the way it should be, right?

    Ps I love the first picture of you looking at yor hubby. Haha it "looks like he's in trouble".

    1. Hahahahahahahahah unfortunately that's just what my face looks prior to getting a soda. RBF all up in here. Lol

  2. HAHAHAH literally LOL at Trixie Taco. cutest!! you're such an inspiration. xoxo

  3. Oh that food looks greaaaaat. All the food. Even Trixie Taco ;) Haha that is the cutest thing! Also, the keyboard protector for your Mac is awesome! Where did you get it?! I miiiiight have a slight want for my own haha.

    1. Thank you! I got it on Amazon for like, $8. It's by Crocodil Graphics, the rainbow one. :)

  4. your keyboard cover is AMAZING!! and all of the food you've been baking looks so good!


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