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Fiore Pizza Picnic

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The other day (and by that I mean anywhere from 1-6 weeks ago) we headed to Tibble Fork for a little summer picnic. We were originally headed to Little Caesars (can't beat that $5 pizza) when we saw Fiore parked at Lone Peak! We took a sharp turn and got some pizza, because hello. Why have Little Caesars when you can have Fiore? I could probably eat Fiore pizza every day and not even be angry about it.

Anyways, these ducks were crazy. They were definitely not scared of humans, so there's that as a factor. It's also important to note this is one of the few jumping pictures of me that have actually worked out. Props goes to Jake for being a good photographer husband.

My favorite thing about Tibble Fork is all of the pine trees! At least I hope those are pine trees? Who knows... not me. But it seriously is one of my favorite things. I can't get enough! We are actually in Washington right now visiting my supa-cool-Grandma and it's soooooo nice to be here! The cool summer air... the trees... it's a perfect environment! Also the fact that my grandma is one of my very favorite people, and also the fact that Jake hasn't been here yet so he is experiencing everything for the very first time, is making this a very exciting vacation!!

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  1. summer picnics are the BEST! & one with a mcdonalds soda is definitely right up my alley :)

  2. fiore pizza, YES! the best - and these pictures of tibble fork are on point!

    ps have so much fun in washington - that place is a dream. xoxo


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