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sometimes + an update

Friday, August 22, 2014

Sometimes when you're waiting for your husband to come home from work and your camera and remote are just sitting on the kitchen table, you just have to take some photos with your dog.

Sometimes your dog is the oldest, most disinterested in everything, creature to ever walk the planet.

Sometimes she will pee in the t.v. room at the same exact time you are calling her to go outside: and she knows it and she doesn't care and pees anyway. 

Sometimes she will jump up on your bed three times in one night and it will drive you crazy having to get up, pick her up, and put her back in her dog bed.

Sometimes you love her anyways because she is the cutest thing and *usually* the nicest.

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P.S. I've updated the tabs! If you want to see our engagement/bridal/wedding photos, click "love story". I've also updated the "about us" section. :)


  1. haha your pup looks so indifferent it's hilarious. she sounds like a sweetie. and the love story tab is the cuuutest!

  2. Haha I love this! You have such a unique style and it is the coolest.

  3. This post made my day! Me and my pup have tried to take picture together.....yea doesn't work too well. Sadie's not too photogenic if I'm in the picture with her. By herself...she's a model. But once I get in the frame it's like, mom. Seriously. You shouldn't be in this picture. Haha

  4. Trixie is the cutest dog. I really wish we could have a pup but it's so hard to find an apartment that allows dogs... ):

  5. haha, so cute (and true) !
    xo, cheyenne

  6. Let's hang outtt! We live close! Slash are we doing a blogger party? I forgot. We should.

  7. YO what is that lipstick you have on. It looks PERF. As usual. And yes I'm blog-stalking, what of it?

    1. You are my favorite blog stalker, so keep at it sista. Also, it is Mac Ruby Woo and I am literally so obsessed with it I can't even. It's matte so it doesn't look weird if your lips are chapped or peeling (which mine usually are, let's be honest) and also it stays on for DECADES. Also, it's only $16. So multiple wins. Go get some!!


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