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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

1. We went to get treats for t.v. night and Jake accidentally wore his slippers LOL. 
2. Biking along Jake while on his nightly run! That boy can whip out like, four miles no problem. Meanwhile, I'm on a BIKE and having trouble keeping up. #mostunathletic
3. I found a bunch of henna! I'm sad because it isn't as dark because it's so old, but it still turned out quite well.
4. CUTEST CHOCOLATE MILK. Literally, so cute. I can't even.
5. This was the night we made these sandwiches. I was mainly just excited that I found figs, because apparently like no grocery stores in my area carry them? It's weird. They were decent, but not the best sandwiches ever.

We played baseball with my family and Jake's family. After the game everyone just started playing on the playground at the same time lol. It was super random, but also really funny.

Also the rain in Utah has been the best lately. It's the only way to get through those hot summer days!! The weather here in Washington is so lovely, it makes me mind-cry just thinking about it. Hopefully when we return it will have cooled down a bit! Walking up all the stairs to get to classes is killer in the heat. (Well, killer for those of us who are babies when it comes to exercising lol).

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  1. So jealous you guys are in Washington! it's sooooOO dreamy there. and yeah...I'm not looking forward to that first sweaty/out-of-breath day walking up that stupid mountain...haha. and yes, I am a baby when it comes to exercising.

  2. ahh i want to be in washington! i love it there. but at least it's slowly getting cooler here.. sort of. ha your star pants are unreal. you always have the most amazing pants! also, your skull shirt is the best. have fun in washington!

  3. Hello! I came over from littlemisadventures and I'm definitely following! You seem so much fun! Beautiful wedding story, btw! I blog over at girlinthemirrorr.blogspot.in !

  4. I am dreaming of cooling rain showers to take away some of this NJ heat! Being from England, it's a challenge getting used to the intense summers here. Also, aww! Tiny milk!


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