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a happy list: 28

Monday, August 25, 2014

Successful crafts nights with my cute friend Chloe / Watching the rain overtake the valley / Jake planning my sunday school lesson for me / Ron Swanson asking April if she is still there in the episode when he has a hernia / The season 7 final episode of The X-Files / Picnicking at Tibble Fork / The constant rain (sooo beautiful) / Eating Fiore pizza / Pulling my band tees out of storage / Giving Trixie a bath

Some funny things people have said...

Me: Look at his hair! He's so granola!
Jake: When I look at his hair I literally think of a granola bar.

Jake: It's like... give the president some frickin time off!!

My mom: I'm not a part of anything that involves hard rock.

My mom: Wouldn't it be weird if we came home and Trixie had like a beer can and a cigarette in her mouth?

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  1. Pulling band T's out of storage! That's Deffinitly happy lost worthy. I remember cleaning out my room at my parents house after I got married. Seeing all those old and ridiculous posters from high school really made my day!

    And I LOVE tea! Wish I was in Utah to have so,extra with you. xx

    1. if you ever visit let me know!! it would be so fun to meet up and hang out!

  2. your henna is rad, i love the simplicity of the phases. & your mom sounds absolutely hilarious haha

  3. ahh what a cool craft! I want to craft! I have been loving the rain, too. also, granola bar hair -- hahaha.

    1. come to craft night! i can't remember if you live in utah or not... but if you do just email me and i'll give you the deets :)

  4. I LITERALLY lol'd super hard about your mom's last quote.


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