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a happy list: 27

Monday, August 18, 2014

Seeing Nathan Scott in the flesh at my place of employment (twice!) / Driving the Alpine Loop / finally seeing Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (and absolutely loving it!) / Buffy the Vampire Slayer / getting tons and tons of editing done / discovering new blogs / finally going to Swig / discovering just how awesome Pinterest can be when it comes to DIY projects / relaxing and discovering life can be fun when it's not filled with school constantly / braids on braids

- - - - -

Some funny things people have said...
(While telling me about her hike.)
My mother: "We need to explore the mountain. I am going to hike all over that mountain!!"

(While telling us about how he ordered an old fashioned donut and the girl asked him if he wanted it glazed.)
Jake: "What do you think I want?! Dough?!"

(While ordering drinks at McDonalds.)
Jake: "And a Diet Dr. Pepper, and can I get some root beer mixed in with that?"
Employee: "We do not mix drinks."
Us: "...."

Jake: "Didn't it used to be that "tbt" was what you did the last thursday?!"
Me: "Haha! No, never!"
Jake: "I don't know!!!!! I've never tbt'd before!"

- - - - -

I also feel it's important to note that I went on a run with Jake Friday morning. I haven't ran since high school. In high school I only ran like... a total of ten times. I've never played sports or any of that, so it's safe to say I ran literally (like, literally) .2 of a mile before I needed to take a break, haha!! All in due time, I suppose. Plus when the zombies come, I need my cardio to be ready!

Also, sorry for the boringness of this happy list, as you can probably tell this week has been one full of relaxation and mental healing. I basically go to a point where I felt like all I did was school and work and it was the worst! So, this past week I have been focusing on mental health and making our little basement cute. Not to mention organizing all of the boxes when we moved... basically we just threw everything into random boxes, so it's been quite the task organizing everything. But, organizing is my favorite, so it's been sort of a win.

In other news, I just want Xander and Willow to kiss. Every time they like, get close to it I find myself yelling at the t.v. "Just make out already!!!!" multiple times. But then they don't. Sigh.

Hope everyone else had a lovely week!

P.S. Here are some internet things to make you happy... this couple's newborn photoshoot with their dog, this backyard wedding, these cute wedding photos (I love their style!! And her dress=swoon.), this cutest nursery-on-a-budget-post (all I want to do is spray paint things gold now haha it looks sooo amazing),


  1. aw thanks for the shoutout! I'm so flattered!! :) I laughed at the doughnut thing, haha. and your hair looks so crazy thick! wowza!

  2. i need a fishtail lesson. please. i can never do it right.

  3. So many things about this post make me happy! The braid (of course)! The fact that you mentioned Nathan Scott! I want to watch the whole series over again (thanks to Netflix)! And the Buffy references! You are just too cute :)
    xo TJ



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