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a happy list: 24

Monday, August 4, 2014

discovering season 4 of the killing is on netflix / slurp giving me a large instead of small drink (also just slurp in general) / photographing the cutest wedding / root beer flavored italian ice / the rain lately / getting my car back from the mechanic / watching rise of the planet of the apes / ordering a bunch of dresses from modcloth (70% off so obviously a must) / the kids in my neighborhood performing the chinese yoyo (those things are crazy!) / an old man in my neighborhood performing baton twirling

some funny things people have said...

(referring to the old man twirling the baton)
jake: "he's so sprite!!!!"
me: "do you mean spry???"

(a stranger at the wedding i was photographing)
stranger: "you... look... like... target. this is a compliment."

(a woman in my ward)
woman: you know, you look like a china doll. with your skin and your lips and your tights!

(also i feel it's unfair if i don't mention that during a conversation with jake about a car that was $25,000 i said something along the lines of "what!! that's a quarter of a million dollars! sick!")

hahaha. so, all in all, a pretty good week. i got told i looked like a department store and a doll all within two days, so success. also, if you have yet to try the italian ice at mia's you must go. it is perhaps the most delicious in the world.


  1. Seems we both posted our happy lists this morning! ;)
    Always love reading yours....glad you've kept up the tradition with me. xox

  2. haha being told you look like a target is a pretty good compliment! those pictures above are so cute & funny. you pull off read lipstick SO well. i'm a little jealous of that.

  3. one time my friend told me i looked like a mix of jcrew and anthro, & i still think that's maybe the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. target it pretty bomb, too. haha! i also always mix up "quarter million" and 25,000. glad someone else does that, xoxo

  4. Oooh, I love the Target comment.

  5. haha, love these quotes! and love your perspective on life - so happy :)

  6. Haha I love that somebody told you that you look like 'target'. What does one do to look like target anyway?? Haha well whatever it is it must be awesome!


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